Last of Savoy Hop This Year


Today I went to the final SavoyHop class this year. It was Christmas Shindig! Yeah, we added on to our Christmas stroll but I feel like we have not yet finished it. It was great, let’s see if I can remember the steps. After chugs and clap, we do fish walks starting to the left first, then we do boogey forwards and then we clap on count 8 and do another set of fish walks and then we do another half set of boogey forwards and then we do freezing legs but more like crazy legs + jazz arms for the rest of the count until count 8. Then we do Chris Brown to the right and then left. Oh, what is it I hear you ask? It’s like you step to the right and then slowly drag the other leg for all 8 beats and then you say OOOHHHH on count 8 (oh you know, in “yeah, life’s good, nananannana” style). Then we do slides to the right, to the left, to the right, to the let and then we do suzy Q to the left and then to the right and I can’t remember anything else. That’s probably because we didn’t do anything else.

Then we had LONG break of probably half an hour. We had lots of chat and all sorts of delicious foods and desserts …

Then the second class started. We had role reversal … I didn’t like it 🙁 Not much to talk about it …

Then social and more foods started, I danced a few times but mainly it was about chatting and stuff. We made a group photo which I photobombed lol. I just needed to wear my Gandulf’s wig lol … then we took like 30 minutes to say farewell to each other … wish merry Christmas and happy new year, etc …

I am really sorry about me being really short this time. This flu is trying to tie me to my bed and I just keep fighting! Still got 1 more day to Christmas dance! I am not quitting my challenges! Now lemsip and off to bed.

See you tomorrow 😀

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