Landing in Budapest – Lindy Shock 2014 Pre-Party

Hi, I don’t know where to start this blog post and if I should keep blogging every day or should I post just one article after Lindy Shock summarising everything. If I chose latter option it would be 10,000 words long essay and who’s got time for this stuff?

Anyway, we landed successfully yesterday evening and then we went to the pre-party. This morning we explored some of Budapest – probably most of the main spots anyway and now we are getting ready for the opening ball (some are sleeping, others – blogging 😀 )

Shall I start with the flight? It was a bit odd. We got “premium” seats even though we didn’t buy premium seats. I won’t get into details on how we pulled this one out … I also bought Suguru book where they had 140~ suguru puzzles in there and I learned how to play suguru. It’s so much better than sudoku … 🙂

OK, I got to the hotel and then packed my stuff out … kinda … just put my stuff on my bed 😀 Got down to the hotel’s restaurant, got some delicious cod fish (not burger this time!) and then went dancing. Prices are a bit ridiculous … I paid around 5,000 monies for 1 week travel pass which allows me to use any public transport for the whole week. My food – cod fish and beer cost me around 6,000 monies … I paid 900 monies to get to the pre-party and then 200 for the cloakroom. OK, 300 florins equals to 1 euro. It’s not that bad 😀 Beer at the venue cost like 350 florins which is like 1 euro and 15 cents. It’s like £1! In England, you cannot have a pint for less than £3.5. Ridiculous.

Anyway, pre-party finished at around 2 AM and we stayed there until the end, like surivors. There were around 10 survivors but we didn’t take any photos of us … 🙁 I met 15 or more new friends and several old friends. None of them were actually Hungarians. I loved dancing but I got a bit disappointed as dancers’ floorcraft is 0. I mean, in London, people at least look at you and apologise when they bump at you or kick you. Here they don’t. Some do, most – don’t. Music was fantastic though. Not extremely fast but not slow either. More like medium fast which I prefer over medium tempo. No lazy swing outs or blues 😀 although now that I don’t have to drive, I can try and get drunk and start dancing blues. I had 3 pinds over 5 hours but felt completely sober … I also thought there would be many more dancers … like 500 or more. There were around 100. Still, had fund. Enough about dancing now.

Exploring Budapest

So this morning I went to explore Budapest. I didn’t take city tour organised by Lindy Shock so visited several spots like Embassy and some other buildings – hospital on the rocks which quickly made me sing “Solid as a rock” song in my head (no, I wouldn’t sing it in real life due to voice issues 😀 ).

Roads of Budapest are a bit dangerous, drivers driving through even when pedestrians are crossing at zebra crossings. They will only stop when it’s red at the traffic light. Public transport is quite easy. For 5,000, you can get 7-day pass which will allow travel you anywhere in Budapest using any public transport (except taxis obviously).

We also randomly encountered this labyrinth. It’s Dracula’s chambers actually. The story goes like this: King Matthews captured Dracula in Transylvania and then he kep the Dracula in those chambers. Don’t take my word for it, I didn’t take much of my time reading the story, I just read the first few sentences and the last one. I am sure I am going to explore that labyrinth on Monday once I have more time and if I have some monies to spend … or waste … but it should be fun. I only got Lindy Shock after-party on Monday so no classes but I might be too tired or something.

OK, I think it’s enough for one day. Sorry , no selfies/groupies this time but those photos are probably exclusive to this blog so it’s OK 😀

Now I am almost ready for the opening ball so … see ya!

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