Kicking 13 Days Dancing Marathon Off With Super Swing Pit


Yesterday I went to Super Swing Pit … It was jut like Swing Pit … but Super indeed! There is a reason why I didn’t blog yesterday, I was just too tired as I danced until I dropped dead …

OK, first of all, it was held at Bishop’s Gate or something. It was large dance floor, I truly loved the place. They had a small bar and free water … *cough*vodka*cough* … I don’t normally dance until I get so tired but I did yesterday … you see, there was a shortage of leaders. I like it, that means leaders are in demand and sometimes even followers ask for a dance. I was asked by a few but mostly, I asked for the dance! In the beginning, music was faster so I did lots of Charleston and then music slowed down so I could finally do some lindy hop which I loved as I could rest a bit. The only problem with Swing Patrol is that they never do events that go past 11 PM. I wish it was until 2 or 3 AM. Oh wait, they got Red Rhythm Saturdays and Bedroom Bounce until 3 AM which is going to be awesome but I don’t think they will have 200+ dancers in there. I won’t be able to come to the first Red Rhythm Saturdays unfortunately as I will be driving to Durham for DJAM this Friday but I am pretty sure I will come to the other ones, review them and might become regular dancer there!

Oh yeah, there were 200 dancers or so but even then there were lots of space to dance and do decent swing outs and lindy turns. Floor was good, my new shoes cannot slide as I don’t have suede yet … just need to put in some effort and put suede on finally. I got suede, just need to glue it to the shoes … I just don’t want to make it too slippery …

Anyway, I don’t know what else to write about? I practiced some hardcore jazz stuff I learned at Newington Green like boogie forward and what not … I really enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s time to talk about other big events I might go to? DJAM 2014 for sure, got tickets to Savoy Ball as well. Might be going to the Meet The Scene, London Lindy Exchange, Messaround weekend workshop … I heard that they sold out all the tickets for London Swing Festival 🙁

Anyway, I don’t want to get into too much details as it is quite far away and I really need to work now. I need to do week’s workload within 4 days as I won’t be working in Durham … I could but I won’t!

Oh yeah, title says it all, I have indeed kicked off my 13 days dancing marathon. Here’s the list:

1. Super Swing Pit; 2. Savoy Hop; 3. Kentish Town; 4. Tap Course; 5. Jiveswing; 6. DJAM; 7. DJAM; 8. DJAM; 9. DJAM/Savoy Hop; 10. Kentish Town; 11. Tap Course; 12. Jiveswing; 13. Groove Lounge; 14. DAY OFF; 15. DAY OFF; 1. SavoyHop 😀

OK, I am off now. See you tonight 🙂

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