I just took a break. What break? The Swing Break 2017!

Disclaimer: I was DJing.

Hi, so last weekend I spent in Croatia. I was DJing, learning, dancing, mingling, eating, partying until the wee hours.

For those who are travelling to lindy hop camps to include sight-seeing, Swing Break is probably not the greatest choice as there is Umag town nearby. There isn’t much to see. However, as the title of the camp implies, it is a true break.

This was my first visit to Swing Break … or Croatia in general. It was super fantastic. As a DJ, I was allowed to the backstage where only DJs, volunteers and teachers were allowed. We had free booze, food, whiskey, wine, etc … it was truly amazing. It was very chilled and relaxed camp where I was able to mingle with teachers, other DJs and other dancers.

Also, for the first time ever, I was sharing my apartment with other dancers. It was amazing. I think I will do it again because you create and enforce this bond between your roommates over the few days. It was sad to leave though.

It was my personal goal to stay until the very end of each day just to make to the survivor photos. I did it successfully. On Thursday, pre-party ended at 2 AM, Friday – 4 AM, Saturday – 5 AM and Sunday – 4 AM. I am very surprised how I managed to make it into all the classes although, I may have cheated a little bit by skipping the auditions ;D

What I loved about this camp was that all dancers were staying in the same appartment complex. There were around 150 – 200 of us. The main venues were about 3 minutes walk from our appartment and I truly loved that. We also had pool within 5-10 minutes walking distance. The venues were “bring your own booze” kind of venues which means that there was no bar at the venue, we had to bring our own food and drinks. That makes drinks a lot cheaper.

The classes were amazing. We did some charleston, fancy moves and crazy variations. However, the last 2 classes we had were bloody hard. I mean, very energy consuming but I survived! I also managed to dance with all the teachers (followers) and it was great! I feel like I am confident now asking legendary dancers for a dance.

My DJing was fine, I think. Nobody booed me. Some complimented on some song choices. I believe I did not disappoint.

So, to sum this camp up, I must tell you that I really had a great break by DJing, learning, dancing, sunburning, mingling with other people, bonding with my roommates and having a lot of fun even without wi-fi.

I cannot wait fo the May 2018 so I can come to Swing Break 2018, hopefully, as a DJ again.