Junction Jam – Tea Dance at Battersea Mess and Music Hall

Hi there,

It’s a Sunday and what is a better way to spend Sunday afternoon if not swing dancing at a lovely venue called Battersea Mess and Music Hall? So I went to Junction Jam hosted by Swing Patrol.

What is a tea dance? As far as I understand, it’s a social dancing “event” that happens during afternoon so we don’t have to go home at late night … it’s great because most of us have got work on Monday mornings … or universities on early Monday mornings …

Anyway, this venue is lovely, a lot of space to dance and there were probably 7 couples dancing at once at most so plenty of room for decent swing outs (not the biggest ones though)!

The bar was quite expensive … Corona with a slice of lime was £4 ($6.5), not as expensive as beer at the football stadium where they charge a fiver a bottle … or more …

Had many great dances, I was off the beat during one song because of me and my inability to lindy hop during madly fast songs … charleston was a better idea I guess.

People were friendly there, met a lot of new people. Actually, there was a guy who was familiar somewhere while the rest of them (15-20) were completely new to me!

That’s all for today!


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