Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles – High Fidelity album preview

Dear all, last week I was privileged again, to preview an album which is out on 7th July. This time, I was contacted by amazing talent Joe Smith. He is the band leader of Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles – a true talent band that play all through out America including Hawkeye Swing Festival and Lindy on the Rock which I will be attending soon, hopefully in 2016 😀

Anyway, Joe Smith is the real deal, he has been playing music since he was 4. That shows in his new album – High Fidelity. He has played in numerous bands and then he created his own in 2013. The band is 6 piece band that entertain dancers until early morning hours. It is said that Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles is one of the most professional bands in business – collaborating with other musicians, etc … well, it’s time to actually review the album.

Those of you who know me, you kinda … know the style I prefer. If you don’t know, I must say that I love medium/fast – fast, not too extremely fast. This album has 2 slow songs – excellent for blues but if Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles played it live where I was dancing, I would surely lindy hop to both songs! Then there are dozens of medium/fast songs which I love. The tempo is just awesome, there is so much space for musicality you know – up here, down there, freeze, dance again, don’t forget to stomp, stomp again 😀 Music is just playful. Actually, all songs are like that. I just love the fact that songs aren’t mundane. They are very energetic.

OK, you can pre-order the album now which I suggest you do since the songs are very energetic and very musical. If you do so, you will get one song immediately available for download. Song is called Obviously. To be honest, I think it’s my favourite song of the album … but then again, the rest of the songs are almost equally amazing and equally professionally recorded!

If the band is ever coming to the UK or to some festival in Europe where I dance, I am so dancing to their songs and taking a selfie with the band 😀

I do hope you enjoyed this preview of the album. See you soon folks!

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