Jazz The Ninja Style and Hardcore Tandem Charleston at SavoyHop


I have to apologise first, I did go to Swing Pit yesterday but got tired and lazy and knackered to blog about it. It was good but I have had better nights out … there weren’t any highlights worth mentioning from the last night so decided to bed early (1 AM ?).

Anyway, today I had another BLAST!!! First of all, in jazz class, we did some ninja style stuff. I love ninjas so I loved the steps. We did simple squats (I think), kicks turning around (I don’t know the real name for that move) and then jumping Charleston … It was great, quite hard but I got it at the end (It’s me, you know 😉 )

Had a break and all …

Then the second class started. Now I remember what we did in the beginning. It’s called Ruveida (I think?). It’s a swing out then 2 lindy turns and then another sort of turn where leads pass follows to their left to the next guy.

Anyway, we did tandem Charleston variations again. I also realised what the chase entry variation to tandem Charleston is all about. It’s not exactly 10 beats entry, it’s still 8 so it makes a perfect sense! We do a rock step on beat 9 and 10.

OK, today’s class was hard. I loved it. We did reverse Charleston and then entry to and exit out of reverse Charleston to tandem Charleston. I’ve done the entry once but I could never do it properly. Now I can! Still hard! Exit is even harder! We also learned the butterfly variation. I LOVED THAT! I love kicking high so it was cool. That finger (not in the offensive way!) in the air is an awesome move! With practice,  I will get this move!

Anyway, had another break for a song and all …

… then started dancing with people. It was awesome as always! Pretty much like every Monday night! At the end I was able to *cough*tried to*cough* rehearse on Swing stroll. Failed.

Anyway, I feel like I pushed myself today with the tandem Charleston. I also learned some awesome ninja skills/moves 😉 It was great!

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