JATS Swing Festival 2019

Hi all, just over 3 weeks ago, I attended JATS Swing Festival 2019. This was my 4th time dancing in Brighton for JATS festival and there is a reason why I always come back 😉

First of all, the teachers line-up was fantastic! They always hire international teachers and this time was no different!

Who were the teachers for JATS Swing Festival 2019?

JATS Swing Festival

We had 7 teachers in total:

  • Daniil Nikulin & Maria Filippova (RU)
  • Sharon Davis & Tony Jackson (AU / UK)
  • Julia MT & Marti Gasool (Esp)
  • Joris Focquaert (BEL)

What bands & DJs did we have for JATS Swing Festival 2019?

We had 2 amazing bands and I believe those both bands were there for several past editions:

  • Steven Coombe’s Hot 7
  • Bjorn & The Brothers of Rhythm

DJs for JATS Swing Festival 2019:

  • Saulė Sanavičiūtė
  • Sam Holt
  • Jonas Larsson
  • Amelie Tingsnas

JATS Swing Festival 2019 review

JATS Swing Festival 2019To be honest, I always LOVE dancing in Brighton (especially for JATS as I have never danced in Brighton for any other reason than JATS 😀 ). Their choice of teachers, bands and DJs is always amazing and they all always deliver.

Look, I have been dancing for over 6 years and I attended over 100 festivals but I don’t think I have ever done a single festival 4 times in a row. Yeah, it’s easy for JATS as they happen twice a year but I wouldn’t come back if I didn’t like it (don’t get me wrong, if I don’t go back to your event it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, it just means that I had other priorities (mainly life) … D: ).

The festival isn’t big – I’d say roughly 150-200 people. If there were more people then I think people would be bruised and hurt due to too many dancers in the venue. Although I got to admit: floor-craft is always quite nice there in Brighton. In general, I think floor-craft on global level has greatly improved and it is absolutely amazing!

JATS Swing FestivalWhen it comes to classes, while I attended on Saturday (and I loved them completely), I would like to refrain from blogging about it. Classes always depend on teachers and, pretty much everyone, knows exact style of teaching of all teachers. If they don’t – they can always watch their videos on YouTube or Instagram or just attend their classes. I will say this though – classes (at least on Saturday) were all about Charleston and I am not a huge fan of Charleston (I never practice on the dance floor so I forget these awesome moves) and that is MY OWN PROBLEM. Material was strong and I am sure students enjoyed them!

When it comes to music – bands and DJs know exactly how to satisfy the dancers by playing very well. All the songs were danceable. You know some bands actually play either too slow or too fast but no middle-tempo … none of these bands did that – all songs were nice and you could dance to. The after-party on Saturday was also incredible. DJs started with swing tunes and then slowly gone to disco music. I think this was brilliant as people tend to get drunk and then it becomes really hard to swing dance … and we raved until 3 AM.

The venue itself is always Brighton & Hove High School for socials and classes as well. This makes it very convenient as you don’t have to walk forever to get from one studio to another. One of the “studios” is used for social dancing as well but it is big enough for this size event.

Things to do in Brighton

If I go to camps in the UK, I normally take classes, however, sometimes (I mean mostly) I go outside the UK. Whenever I am outside the UK, I usually take socials so I can go out and explore the area I am dancing in. If Brighton or even UK is not your local place, you might be taking only social pass and exploring the city. Believe me, there are a few things to do and see there.

First of all, there is a beach and a peer of Brighton. Chips are amazing over there. I have taken many portions of chips over the years and I always LOVE them!

There is another interesting thing called The Lanes. I believe that The Lanes are within walking distance from the venue. I will not spoilt it for you but it’s like a maze of very narrow paths.

There are some more things to do in Brighton but sadly, this is not Trip Advisor and I am running out of time … I mean … space … nah, just really getting tired 😀

I hope you enjoyed the new format of “reviews” and even if you didn’t, sorry, I won’t change it. Next time, when I attend JATS Swing Festival in 2020 (February 21-23), I will be adding my new “notes” and reviews onto this post (the very post you are reading now) 😀

Don’t forget to check their website out. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts are also amazing!

To summarise JATS Swing Festival – it’s absolutely amazing – from the teachers, to the bands, DJs and venues … not to mention after-parties on Saturdays until 3 AM!

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