Invading Birmingham

Hello there, today I feel like I was whacked over by a truck … it’s not hungover and it’s not swungover either … I just got so tired … so I went to Birmingham on business yesterday and then I decided to pay Martyn Nelson a visit since I was around. On my way to Birmingham, I encountered some traffic, not something worth ranting about. However, on my way home, I left at around quarter past 10 and then a huge bit of M1 was closed so I had to drive through dark “foresty” roads … you know, the kind of dark roads you see in horror movies … roads where people get lost and then eaten or murdered or tortured … they were very dark, zero lights on … and I was a bit tired … I mean, very tired. Then I reached Northampton and half of the city’s roads were closed so I had to drive around the whole city and all … /rant.

This is going to be a short review as I got so much to do today. So I attended both classes and then socials afterwards. Classes were lovely and teachers were amazing. I was told by their fellow students that Swing Era was the best swing school in Birmingham. When I was doing classes, it reminded me of Club Savoy somehow. Perhaps because of mirrors in the studio? I love mirriors. People can take a look at how amazingly they look when they dance … or stand 😀

We did tons of swing outs. I learned a variation. I also learned variation of that variation. It was great. Social dancing took place at another place, 2 doors away. The room was tiny, maybe for 4 couples tops. It was a great way to practice the floor craft … and it was FREE! Drinks were also cheap. Parking was also either free or cheap. I paid £2.30 for 6 hours! In London, you may stay for 1 hour or less for £2 … I also bumped into a cat or should I say … the cat bumped into me? The place the school takes place, Moseley, is lovely as well. I think it’s a village or outskirts of Birmingham but what would I know? Lovely teachers, lovely classes, lovely people. If I was living in Birmingham, I’d be a regular student there for sure.

I don’t know when I am going to visit Swing Era again, June 25th should be the latest or I might attend some of their workshops in between now and then. And as always, a selfie/groupie/photo, etc … 😀

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