Intermediate drifting and swing out stroll with Club Savoy in Kentish Town

Hello all!

Today I went to the lovely Club Savoy studio 45 in Kentish Town just like every Tuesday for the past 2-3 month. It’s a bit weird how they operate – they have intermediate (more like advanced) class first, then beginners’ class and then socials. I prefer remembering the basic stuff before learning the awesome and cool maneuvers! Hopefully they will change that in the future.

Anyway, during first class we did something I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! It really is a weird move but looks great. It was really hard but there is nothing impossible for almighty DON (almost) 😀

Anyway, the move starts from a lindy turn and you have to do the outside turn. You know where you stretch follower’s right arm and then follower turn clockwise starting on count 5. I normally make them turn twice because I can. And then we get into a cobweb or something … it was a bit hard to do the simpler version of this turn and by the end leads take their left arm as well. Then we do the rock step and that’s where weirdness begins …

From the outside view, it looks like a man is walking with a completely drunk woman … Followers get to one side and back. It’s hard to imagine, I know … another scenario: imagine drift (auto sport) … pretty much like that … I am pretty sure I just made it even harder to imagine … that was my intention …

No actually, but it’s hard to explain. So basically, followers, after rock step, go to straight as we, leads, stretch our right arm completely to the side and when they finish traveling on count 4 (on triple step), they are forced to turn around by a man’s hand! (lol, no, actually, we don’t pretend hitting them, we actually do! 😀 ) OK, that was a joke. What happens then, men take their right arm close to their hips (I think) and then stretch their left arm outside so ladies start stepping to the opposite direction on count 5. That’s where weirdness and drifting occurs. Then we do a barrel turn on count 6 and we are back to the exact position and frame as we started all this weird (BUT COOL) move.

Then we sort of repeat until count 4. At that point leads let their follower’s right arm go and push follower’s left arm slightly clockwise direction and then let them spin … for however long they feel like … that means even 8 eights (evil) … and then they catch their right arm and they are ready to do another lindy turn and start the awesome weirdness again … (I did it!). It was hard but I got it at the end of the class … I even executed it well during social dance time! (was proud … and surprised).

Then we had a break and all …

Then the next class began … oh, it’s beginners class, do you really think it could be anywhere close as awesome as the first? Guess again! IT WAS!

To tell the truth, we didn’t do beginner’s lindy hop, we did jazz class, YEAH! We did swing out stroll (I think). It’s danced to the same song as jitterbug stroll (I think but don’t take it for granted, I will find that out if it’s true and will let you know which actual song it is danced to).

It was great stroll, I am not going to teach the moves because you can find that stroll on youtube or something …

I really enjoyed the stroll, lots of ass-shaking and cool gangster type “Yo dawg!” finger clicking moves that look epic …

Then we had socials but I didn’t stay until the end which I usually do as I was really tired and knackered and sweaty. I had a few great dances as always!

I just danced for 4 days in a row, I will do break from dancing tomorrow.

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