Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven – Uptown Jump album preview

Hello all,

Last night I was contacted by amazing talent Glenn Crytzer. He owns jazz band called Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven. They are releasing a new album on 13th of April. The new album is called “Uptown Jump”. He asked me if I could “preview” it before the release date. So, without a doubt, I said yes so here it is, my completely unbiased opinion about this album …

It is fantastic! Not because I got it free of charge but the quality is there! Those who know me, know that I don’t post bullshit opinions about things. If there is something I don’t like, I don’t blog about it. There are people who can vouch for it!

So anyway, there are 18 songs in this album – all kind of tempos. From extremely fast (which I probably wouldn’t dance to due to my feet not functioning that fast 😀 ) to blues-kind-of songs. In fact, this album was so good that I listened couple of time … and then some.

There were a few songs I truly liked! First, The Road To Tallahassee. It’s medium tempo I’d say but really chilling song. And then … That Zombie Music … because … zombies … 😀 Really, that song sounds like a song from some cartoon … like Tom & Jerry … like … you know when Tom chases Jerry … that kind of music converted into jazz … or you can also imagine running away from a zombie horde … I also loved the last song called Good Night, Good Luck. It is slow … blues-kind-of song but really great. The rest of the songs were also great but those 3 songs left biggest impact. The voice of the singer is also fantastic!

Problem is though, they are based in U.S. so it would take an effort to get there and listen live to this band but in case they come anywhere to the UK, I’ll be there for sure. I was privileged to listen to it before it comes out. You can also pre-order this album here and you will also get 3 songs instantly!

And as not-as-always, I have no selfie to show. Sure, I could take a pic of myself with the headphones on and all but who wants to view that anyway? 😀

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