Feels Like I Upped My Charleston With Newingtong Green Classes And Socials!

Hi there,

Today I went to Newington Green classes (lv 2 and 3 + socials) just like last time. I was going to name this post as “Another Newington Green Class And Socials” but thought that such title would mean nothing … it would make an impression as if just another night for me … well, it was to some extent … except that I really feel like I upgraded my Charleston! Not only that but lindy hop as well …

OK, I already blogged today (or technically yesterday as it is Friday as of writing this post lol) so yeah, anyway, I added another 50 miles to my journey so I drove around 270 miles today which is a bit further than Durham … I am driving there next Friday (yes, I am going to remind you that I am driving there every day now since I am very excited to drive that far!). Warm up for DJAM in terms of driving has been completed … feeling like ready lol.

Anyway, let’s talk about the classes. During the class 2 (level 2 class which was first class for me), we had this theme “What to do when you are out of moves” … I don’t normally get out of moves as I can just loop swing outs through out entire song … nah, I am not that evil … yet. OK, we learned reverse swing out. It’s not like sending followers forwards … it’s like doing swing outs through leader’s left side (anti-clockwise direction). It’s quite easy and for leaders, it’s like 8 walks lol. Then we did like catching the followers right before count 4 and then send it back to where they came from, still 8 steps, no triple steps or anything like that. I know someone who would truly enjoy that 😀 It was awesome. We also learned some footwork variations for basic swing out. Well, that was for followers, like putting triple step for beat 1 and 2 …

OK, class 3 started which was level 3. Last time we did like pulsing leading/following exercises which I didn’t particularly like. Today we added onto it. You know sometimes leaders and followers land on the same feet … so we learned how to fix that. I thought it would be like simple stuff like quickly shuffling or swapping leader’s feet but no … it was something … so much BETTER! JAZZ! You know I love jazz and all. We learned how to do cross overs in close position and we added boogie forward and apple jacks onto that! YES, I CAN DO THIS IN EITHER CHARLESTON OR LINDY HOP! We also did camel walks but it is quite hard … it’s like step, slide, quick step … it also has some Beyonce style stuff but even without it I find it quite difficult … I guess some homework to do for me 🙂 So that’s pretty much it. I preferred class 3 over class 2 this time! LOVE JAZZ!

Then I went downstairs for socials. I could dance for like 40-50 minutes and I only rested for 3 songs tops! I danced for the rest of the songs. I practiced what we learned last Thursday and what we learned today. It was awesome. My musicality is getting slightly better … I am not surprised when followers do slower moves, I just adapt and do something slow as well, it feels like I can feel when that slo-mo ends so I rock step and stuff … on time … also, finding count 1 is easier but some songs have so subtle count 1 that it’s impossible to pick up by man’s ear … I tell you one thing about subtle things … men can only recognise 16 colours while women know like millions of colours … for me peach is a fruit, not a bloody colour … oh wait, wtf this has to do with dancing?

Anyway, I truly enjoyed it today! It was fabulous, new and great stuff fixed and learned! Thank you! If I don’t blog tomorrow then Sunday for sure 🙂

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