Everything Charleston Week 2 at Savoy Hop

Good Monday!

Today I went to Savoy Hop class, just like every Monday night really and had a blast! Last week (week 1) I didn’t really learn anything new (we learned 1920 Charleston basic with variations and then 1930s tandem Charleston (getting in, basic and getting out)) and I’ve done it millions of times at socials.

This week, however, was AMAZING! During jazz class we did 1930s Charleston basic with tons of variations. It was quite easy as we learned at a slow pace which was quite boring in the beginning but then we started doing variations. I learned something new! We did:

  • Basic steps
  • Heel step (easy)
  • Double kicks on the right (easy)
  • Flip flops (I think it’s the same as skip ups, moderate, easy for me as I did it many times)
  • Around the world (moderate, easy for me because I’ve done lots of Charleston!)
  • Hip hardcore stuff (Advanced)

No, we did not learn hip hardcore stuff … I did it because I love that variation and it makes me look cool 😉 I really got sweaty by the end of the first class … and then we had intermediate class and then socials …

OK, had a break and all …

In the beginning of the second class we did this wheel, re…something which I love actually (I will post about it later but not today!)

As I said previously, we did entry, basic and exit of tandem Charleston which was nothing new to me … that was last week … Today we did variations of getting into it and I LOVED IT! It’s so awesome and really complex that even I couldn’t grasp it properly at the end of the class … I guess I will need to practice some more … all variations were 10 count (!) Charleston but after that first tandem was like 6 count so it took 2 eights in total which was in line with music.

I think I just confused myself … I am pretty sure we are going to do the same next week so I will elaborate on that next Monday!

At socials, I had all GREAT dances! Had around 7~ dances and then I had a chance to be a “role model” for swing outs and lindy turns. NICE!

What’s the rating? 11/10

P.S. Where did that extra point come from? They made a joke about me losing weight that fast. Everybody but me were laughing … and I felt … flattered! Really! But I tell you one thing … losing weight is not profitable 🙁

P.P.S. The same joke won’t work again 😀

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