Dr Low’s Medicine Show – Who walks in when I walk out …

… nobody … because I walk out the last ;D

Hi, so, about exactly a week ago, I was a cheap DJ at Dr Low’s Medicine Show. When I say cheap, I really mean I press “play” button and then go dance because I always sort out my playlist at home …

So last week we were at refurbished The Hideaway pub in Archway. We had quite a few people – maybe around 30 people in total. We had Mary Lowe who is amazing jazz performer. The thing is, you can lindy hop to her songs! Then we had one set from David McTea & The Swinging Magpies. Then we had a magic performance from mentalist Sean Smith. Then we had the second set from David McTea & The Swinging Magpies. Then we had a short photo session using polaroid. That gives such a vintage feel, it’s crazy! Then we had my cheap DJing. No Wi-Fi and being out of service actually gives a further feel to a vintage and swing era because people had no smart phones at that time.

So, first things first, the floor was not good. I prefer the floor we have upstairs … or the floor that was put before the refurbishment. Current floor is too rough and almost impossible to slide. Could be even dangerous. Having said that, I must admit that they made the basement room much larger. If, I mean when, there are more dancers, we can always move the chairs around and have a large room for dancing.

I love Dr Low’s Medicine Show, not because it’s 40 minutes drive from where live or that I can park for free right in front of the pub or that I play my favourite tunes, I love it because we get 2 live bands. That’s TWO LIVE BANDS! And then we get other shenanigans, like pun competition, crazy magical and mind-fuck performances from mentalists or magicians or crazy hula hoop performances, fire and belly dancers, etc … and then we finish the event off with some more lindy hop … and a pint of beer/coke at the very end. The next Dr Low’s Medicine Show is on 17th November. We will have David McTea & The Swinging Magpies and Millie & The Millionaires next time! Mark your calendars!

Where are you going to see me next? Tiger Rag tomorrow. Maybe 100 Club and surely Hellzapoppin’ (27th anniversary!) on Saturday. Hags to Witches on Sunday! See you somewhere, right? ­čśë