Down for the Count & The Swing Commanders duo at Rhythm Junction London 2015

Hello. Last Saturday I went to the Rhythm Junction London 2015. From my previous posts you can tell how much I love Down for the Count … so what’s better than DftC? Combining DftC and The Swing Commanders together.

The festival took place at Imperial College London – a massive building in south west London. I had to drive through hyde park which I have never done before. That alone was great eperience. Next time, I will park right next to the venue, not half mile away …

We also had a jazz class anchored by Nikki Santilli. I believe I blogged about her ability to teach balboa before and this time was equally amazing. We had a short and fun jazz routine which took us probably 30 minutes to learn and then we had tons of time to do our own variations of the routine. I did the standard one we learned, no variations 😀

Then Swing Commnders came on stage. They had 1 one-hour long set. It was not always exactly the swing type music, it was west-coast-swing-kind-of music. That’s what I was told. I felt like it was a bit jive, quite fast but very nice to listen to. We also had some western and blues kind of dance tutorials during their set. It was great!

Then Down for the Count came on stage. They also did only 1 set which was 1 hour long. These guys were brilliant as always. For the first time ever they managed to play all the songs on their play list so they treated us with a few extra songs, including Gigolo and then they had a “jam session” (or whatever it is called) with Swing Commanders. The last song they played together, it was amazing. Long, jumpy, jazzy (hands), crazy, etc … it was amazing. Just like entire event.

To sum it up, I really loved the atmosphere, music, venue and the vibe. I even filmed a little bit. Vlog is coming in a few days … and as always, a selfie at the end (it would no longer be lindyverse with no selfies in posts right?) 😀

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