Down For The Count New Album Launch Party At The Pipeline

Hello all,

I suppose title says it all. It was my favourite band’s new album launch party. They launched it yesterday. I got the album. They were filmed while they were performing at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. I believe I went there and they may have a few seconds of me dancing. I will most likely be reviewing the album some other time. Unfortunately, I didn’t blog about that event …

Anyway, my driving was not too bad, except a few idiots driving dangerously … oh well.

The venue is called The Pipeline. We danced in basement which was large enough. I also like the decoration of the basement – full of skulls and other stuff. The event itself was quite big. There were around hundred dancers if not more. Floor was not as good, too grippy, it was very hard to spin (probably due to my spinning skills ­čśÇ ) or slide feet. The atmosphere was great. The band was awesome. Music was excellent. I was rubbish. I had a massive headache due to too much sleep so I could not really dance up to my standards … I mean I was out of balance and out of beats sometimes … I didn’t dance much because of that … but I had a great time nevertheless. I did catch up with quite a lot of friends.

The band is very professional, they sound in time with each other. It must be quite hard to manage such big band. They played my favourite song – “I am just gigolo”, I believe I have already mentioned this before. We also had shim sham. It was twice faster than the original song so it was a bit harder to keep up especially when I came in a bit late into the routine. We also had a birthday jam.

After all, it was a great mid-week swing fix and I expect that The Pipeline allows this on regular basis!

And as always, selfie/photo gallery.

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