DJAM 2018 – returning 4 years later

Don, Julie & AndyHi all. So 3 weeks ago I was back to DJAM in Durham/Beamish/near Newcastle (right?). DJAM holds this special place in my heart as it was my first ever camp 4 years ago. Yes, I was already blogger back then and I blogged about DJAM here and here. Back then I wasn’t so egoistic and probably didn’t have balls to ask for selfies with the teachers and other cool people.

So, I returned 4 years later and man, it has changed a lot! First of all, it’s no longer exactly in Durham but a few miles away. It’s in Beamish Hall Hotel or whatever it’s called. The whole event was much smaller than 4 years ago. However, the venue had different rooms for different balls – one was main ball with great music and all, the other – balboa/shag kind of ball. Rooms were large enough for that many dancers.

Don & PaulWe also had a few teaching couples. I actually managed to make to all classes but I had to skip the taster classes as I tried to work … the core classes were fabulous. I was able to learn so much. I actually did some of those moves during the social dance. The band was also great even though I only made it to their last set … 🙁 I really can’t find what the band was called but they sounded professionally, though, I’d say on quite fast side …

I am quite proud of myself that I managed to stay until the very end of each night and still make it to the classes. We ended at 2 AM on Friday, 2 AM on Saturday and 7 PM on Sunday. When I was home, I had to skip gym until Wednesday because my legs were hurting. It’s a really good thing!

Don, Jane & BruceI also had quite an adventure or two … first, on our way to the festival, I had to drive nearly 300 miles. At one point I was overtaking a van when my lane suddenly disappeared … has this happened to you? I don’t think so … there were no signs or warnings … also on Friday night we got stuck in snow and mud because I suddenly turned left before I needed to … well … 2 stories to tell my grandchildren 😀

Don, Katka, FredI almost forgot to tell you all about our shenanigans on Sunday afternoon when it was snowing heavily. We actually had a snow fight, swing outs on snow and all kind of other things … also, we had a huge problem to get out of the venue. I mean I didn’t because I stayed until the end and snow had already melted away but those who had to leave earlier, at around 4-5 PM, they faced huge problems. Both exits were blocked by cars that were stuck on snow and ice. Taxis couldn’t come to pick people up due to slippery roads and snow. A lot of people were late for their trains. Some trains were also delayed, etc … it was chaos I would imagine.

Don, Nicole, Hector & SoniaHowever, I had a lot of fun and it was really great to see how DJAM has changed over the past 4 years. If you like events were all the classes and balls happen in the same place/venue, I would suggest DJAM 2019. Professional organising team and great teacher line-up, band and DJs.

Little Big Dream project

Don, David, CatiaHave you heard about David and Catia’s Little Big Dream project? You should definitely check this out and help them because people like you who help the swing scene grow. They just want to create a home for swing dancers in Lisbon. The project is great!

So, where are you going to see me next? BRIGHTON! JATS Lithuanian Invasion … which is following weekend.