DJAM 2014 Day 1: The Arrival

Hi there,

Today, as you know I went to Durham. Journey was great, only 5 hours o driving.

OK, I won’t be long here today as it is 2 AM and I am up 7:30 AM for breakfast and some tasters. Most stuff will be here tomorrow and Sunday.

I started dancing from around 8:30 PM until 1:30 AM. Bloody 5 hours! I had tons of dances! Great DJs and stuff! I met a few friends and all … oh yeah, I had one MASSIVE burger at around 7ish. I think next time I will order 2 of those!

There weren’t that many highlights … none at all … we did shim sham and stuff. Now I am off to bed as tomorrow is gonna be really hard day!

See you soon!

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