Defaults And Variations At Kentish Town

Hi there,

Yesterday I went to Kentish Town as always. We talked about default moves all the time. Did you know that the reverse swing out/lindy turn is default version of the move? We also got forward swing out/lindy turn where leads send their followers forward. Also, it seems that rock step without opening chest is default rock step. That’s when we do a rock step for the basic. OK, enough of theories for now …

In the first class we learned some cool swing out/lindy turn variations. I don’t know if I blogged before, probably not since I already was able to do this variation at ESDC 2013 and I am pretty sure I didn’t blog back then. I believe it was the first time I showed off 😀 Anyway, it’s when you replace the last triple step with kick ball change. It is quite easy as I was doing it pretty much every time since I learned it 3 months ago. Then we had another variation which was hard. We did 2 hip shakes instead of rock step. Yeah, you heard me, leading was quite difficult. I mean, all you need to do is just move your left arm but you cannot be too gentle or too rough. Timing is everything. And then going straight into triple step without rock step was something new to me. I know that at boogie woogie bender workshop, we did kick ball change instead of rock step and then triple step right after. I believe I mentioned that it was difficult. Quite similar. We also learned another variation. Well, actually, followers learned it. It is used on  forward lindy turn where followers walk walk straight (after first triple step). They slide instead. Then they can do either kick ball change (like men) or triple step and then their own rock step variation which was leaning forwards on count 1 and then quickly stepping forward on count 2.

Anyway, we had a break and all …

… then beginners class started. It wasn’t as hard as last time. We did a very short routine – 6 beat basic, tuck turn, 2 change places (leaders swap their hands on the second one) and then we did rotational rock step and then on count 3 we caught followers’ right arm with our left arm by their elbow and then sort of held for a beat and did spin them on count 5 and 6 in clockwise direction. It was something new to me! Then we connected left to right and did shimmy shimmy or something. I cannot comment much more on this class.

Oh yeah, I was quite surprised that we had 4 or 5 extra leaders in the first class. Then we had 1 extra follower during the beginners class. It was a bit strange.

So yeah, socials started. I was able to practice the variations and everything. Night went well 🙂

I am off now, got some work to do before I go to the tapping workshop.

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