Club Savoy Studio 45 Christmas Party


Today I went to Club Savoy in Kentish Town as always. This time we had Christmas party and danced till 12 AM (midnight). Well, I left a bit early, like 20 minutes before it ended, anyway about the classes …

As always, I came in a bit late. The intermediate class was quite interesting. We learned to do lindy hop to extremely fast music. I mean, Charleston is quite fast … Balboa can be even faster! So instead of sitting down on the chairs, I will be able to dance lindy hop during Balboa songs. It’s quite similar to 1920s Charleston but instead of facing each other, we are side by side, pretty much like 1930s Charleston except the footwork changes. Rock steps are still quick up to beat and then we do one step instead of triple step, then we sort of tap with leader’s right leg during step step bit and then step back on the right leg during last triple step so we are ready to do another rock step, etc … that works if we do 8 count basic. For 6 count basic, we just do rock step, step on the left (2 beats), step on the right (2 beats) and then we are ready to do another rock step, etc … I have to admit, it makes it much easier to dance to fast music. I wouldn’t know how to do a swing out though but I believe there are plenty other moves we can do 😉

Then we had a break, cake, chat, etc …

… second class started. We had so many people that we had to do 3 rows! There probably were 14-16 couples + 2 spare followers so there were around 30+ people. Nice! In this class we worked mainly on stretches and compressions. I think it was useful. I cannot comment a lot about it as we did only couple of moves but I think it was useful for beginners and me as well. I feel like I learned something related to stretches and it does not actually need a very strong lead to lead a follower’s rock step!

Anyway, socials started. Had a few great dances, chatted and everything …

Oh, did I mention that we had some special guests today? We had the same 2 super guru teachers we had on Monday last week at Savoy Hop! Well, that is it really, I truly enjoyed how to dance to extremely fast music, it was really useful. No more relaxing on fast music … I just really dislike too slow music now, I suppose Swango would be great for that kind of music.

Anyway, I am going to take 3 days off from dancing before I go on to Winter Ball this Saturday and then Vintage Ball on Saturday after Winter Ball. I think this is it. I got only 2 more socials and no more classes this year 🙁

Anyway, see you all on Saturday!

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