Closing Year’s Dancing With Vintage Ball 2013!


Honestly, I thought about leaving this post for Sunday afternoon, not night … but I still got those dancing vibes you get after dancing … I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about.

Anyway, today I went to JiveSwing’s Vintage Ball 2013. It was hosted at Haileybury’s College in Hertford so it was like 10 miles away from my home so how could I not come? I know people are still dancing there as I write this post but you probably know that I was sick and I still am a bit sick. That chesty cough is annoying but I will get completely fine before DJAM and stuff. Also, my people I came with today were tired and stuff and I could not dance properly myself so we went home at 1 AM. I ain’t complaining 😉

I met quite a lot of friends there obviously, since I dance with Jiveswing probably around half year now. There aren’t any highlights tonight apart that I danced a lot. There were 2 live bands, I think but I realised that live bands play fast music and they also make much longer songs so it’s like 10 minute Charleston without break! Quite energy consuming I’d say. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it as I could practice my Tandem Charleston and BOOM (hip hand Charleston) and it seems that people are getting used to my hand-hip Charleston strategy where I turn around for 1 kick and on the second turn around I do 3 kicks and then I usually finish off with a slide into basic or tuck turn and Tandem Charleston. My Tandem Charleston entry variations are getting so much better now and the basic entry seems a bit boring. I would like to learn more exit variations as it’s quite hard to do the lock spin. That’s all for my personal dancing experience.

We also had Jiveswing stroll competition. Do you remember the shim sham competition I talked about which was held during Swing Patrol’s Christmas Party? Well, it was similar but we didn’t have shim sham, we had another stroll. Even I competed! I lost at round 4. Not too bad considering how long I’ve been dancing for. Well, better luck next time I guess 🙂

Anyway, the venue itself was brilliant, too slippery I’d say. While I don’t have suede on my shoes, I got these new shoes to complement my suit and those shoes make it quite easier to slide than shoes I used to dance with. Since floor was slippery anyway, it was super extremely slippery so yes, I did some sliding today 😉

I loved free coffee and stuff. They even had cake but I did not take it. I was there to dance and kill my thirst with coffee or water. We were also allowed to bring our own alcohol as there was no bar.

I don’t know if there really were like 200 people in there but there were lots of people and they were all from over the UK, not just Jiveswing community. So anyway, if there was something I didn’t like about it was my sickness. Maybe next year I can dance until the end and have many more dances than I had today as I will have built lots of stamina and new moves in 1 year.

Just to reflect on 2013 dancing, it’s been 7 fun and short months. Not that short but rather fast! It’s been fun dancing and discovering so much about swing dancing world, it’s like the whole new world appeared before my eyes! All those festivals and events … they are all around UK and the world and all the time really. Well, I do hope to keep dancing for next decade or few and I truly hope that I will be dancing even more in 2014. I mean, not like 10 days a week lol … but come to more workshops or festivals like DJAM and what not to gain new experience of dancing.

Anyway, this is my last post of the year! Since I am not going to post this year anymore …


See you in a new year on 4th of January!


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