Christmas Party With Swing Patrol


Today I went to this Christmas Party hosted by Swing Patrol. I had no idea how many people would be there …

300 people!

It’s amazing right? Venue itself was massive, remember my post about last week’s swing pit? Well, it’s probably 3-4 times that size! It was big but there were even more people … was crowded but not as crowded as what you get at Swing Pit at Corbet’s Place you know … still couldn’t do swing outs or lindy turns but I did not need to. I did lots of turns and spins and even the moves where you hold both hands and no, no Texas Tommys … and yeah, I did some of those as well 😉

Anyway, I was grabbed within first 5 seconds upon arrival. Yeah, I thought I would wait until that song finished but I couldn’t … I barely rested … danced to pretty much every song there was! Yeah, reason was that there were many more followers than leaders. It was great, I was asked to dance by many followers … I’d say the amount of followers that I asked to dance was equal to the amount of followers that asked me to dance … lol

Anyway, we arrived 1 hour late, around 8:00-8:30 PM so I cannot comment on what happened before that but there were a few awesome highlights … (not mine).

There was chorus singing and later on we had several couples dancing and doing even aerials! Then later on we had several jams but I did not steal. And lastly, we had this amazing greeting where we made one outer circle and one inner circle. Those people who were in outer circle faced people who were in the inner circle and those who were in the inner circle faced people who were in the outer circle … well, you get the idea. The space between two circles was like 2 feet, no more and we greeted each other personally saying merry Christmas, giving hugs, etc … then people in the inner circle would move clockwise direction to greet the next person. It was fantastic I think but we didn’t have the time to greet every person … 🙂

Oh, we had a snowball which was started by American dancers and then towards the end, there were like at least 60-80 couples dancing. Oh, did I mention shim sham competition? There were either 3 or 4 rounds and each round was faster than the last. Whenever you screwed up, you’d get kicked out and competition would continue with less and less people. It was amazing, I didn’t even participate but it was great. It was awesome to see people dancing at like 5 times faster pace than the original song … in finals obviously. The guy who won, I don’t know his name. It’s not like I would out him anyway 🙂

We also had shim sham stroll, the normal one. Pretty much everybody were dancing. It was awesome! I hope they didn’t take any pictures of me as I didn’t have the time to look for cameramen and smile lol as I was dancing all the time. I think this was the social night where I danced the most. I mean, I haven’t danced that much in any other social nights.

Well, it was amazing, sugar push tomorrow!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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