Brizzle Razzle at Bristol Swing Exchange 2017

Disclaimer: I was DJing at Bristol Swing Exchange and I had a ton of fun. I was also initiated into the Bristolian family! Brizzle Razzle!

Hi. I know that blogging 2 weeks after the actual event is probably unacceptable but I have been busy … getting hurt … working … sleeping, etc … 😀

OK, back to the point. Two weeks ago, I was in Bristol, playing some cool music for Bristol Swing Exchange and I truly had a lot of fun. It was my first time DJing in Bristol … or visiting Bristol in general.

What I loved about BSX? All things! Look, we had 6 live bands! S.I.X. Not one or two BUT SIX! How crazy is that? Each and every day we had different band. On Friday, we had Martyn Nelson and Rhythm Remedies. On Saturday afternoon – Ruby Two Shoes. On Saturday evening – Battle of the Bands – Vero Neko Big Band versus Big R Big Band. Saturday night after-band – Ruby Two Shoes (or another name, sorry for lack of information but it was mind-blowing). On Sunday – Ain’t Misbehavin’. I was also DJing most of time on Friday and Sunday. I enjoyed it, I hope you too!

I really LOVED the atmosphere there, it was amazing. Lovely dancers and organising team. There was free food! I meanm, at the after-party, we had FREE PIZZA! Also, booze was cheap. The after-party was not like anywhere else. In most festivals, we had blues after-party. This time, just like at Hullzapoppin’, we had proper raving after-party raving to awesome 90s music (might be wrong about the era though). You have to take my word for it – we had a ball. The venues were amazing. Big enough for swing out even at the peakest times.

I got some compliments for my playlist. I really enjoyed watching people swing to those songs. If you haven’t seen my list, you can find it here. Not a full playlist as I can’t remember what I played on Friday but a lot of the songs were the same.

So, to summarise Bristol Swing Exchange 2017. If you are up for a good time, dancing to many live bands and great DJs, interested in doing certain tasters such as tap dance or even Caribbean Shim Sham (yes, I learned!) then Bristol Swing Exchange is the place to go!

Where are you going to see me next? I am starting my DJing tour in October. First, I’ll be playing music for All Lithuanian Weekend 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania (October 6-8, 2017) and then for GoAt Swing Exchange 2017 in Poznan, Poland (October 11-15, 2017) and then I think I will take a rest the following weekend. I still can’t confirm anything about the last weekend of October though … there are a few places I could be 😉