Birmingham Swing Festival 2020

People keep asking if I’m back. And I haven’t really had an answer. But now, yeah, I’m thinking I’m back! – John Wick

Do you know what John Wick and Birmingham Swing Festival have in common? They are both A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

Bimringham Swing Festival 2020It’s been a while since the last time I blogged … or even danced properly. In 2019 I barely danced but didn’t blog. Sure, I was here and there but more like in spirit rather than physical body (even though I was there … physically) xD

So, I told myself that I would be dancing way more this year than I did in 2019. Already went to Oxford Swing Festival in mid January and then Birmingham Swing Festival 2020.

To be honest, when you are out of dancing scene for a year (or probably more), it’s really hard to get back into dancing. The hardest thing to do is muster up your confidence and ask for a dance even if they are/were your friends at some point.

I’m very glad that I went to Birmingham and signed up for Jazz crash course. I think my lindy hop has not gone anywhere, it’s built up in my muscle memory … so, in order to improve my lindy hop, I decided to start attending jazz lessons/courses. Now I got 3 more festivals where I’m taking jazz classes instead of lindy hop before Easter 🙂

So I was very intrigued to do jazz steps once again and it was amazing! Really awesome classes with Trisha Sewell (she was doing crash course and intermediate jazz step streams). What else? Oh music (DJs and bands), atmosphere and everything else. There were a lot of people (200-300 people I’d estimate but have no clue, to be honest (apparently – 450~)). A lot of people from Birmingham (no shit??), London and around the UK. Maybe even out of the UK.

Other teachers were amazing too! While I didn’t have classes from anyone else, I heard that people really enjoyed the teaching by all the teachers. I think that the festival featured top class talent … 🙂

What bands were at Birmingham Swing Festival 2020?

  • Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra
  • Martyn Nelson and Rhythm Remedies

Who were the teachers at Birmingham Swing Festival 2020?

  • Kate Hedin & Bobby White
  • Olga Marina & Andreas Olsson
  • Marie N’Diaye & Anders Sihlberg
  • Lizette Rönnkvist & Daniel Larsson
  • Sandy Lewis & Martí Gasool
  • Lynn Maslen & Sigga Gunnarsdottir
  • Suzanne Grubham & James Hickman
  • Trisha Sewell

Would I recommend Birmingham Swing Festival?


See you all in Brighton 🙂

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