Bedroom Bar Bounce – One Of The Best Nights Out Ever!

Hi there,

This post is not going to be as long as the last one as I am not going to talk about my dancing experience for the past 2 weeks 😀

OK, yesterday, I went to this bedroom bar bounce. I couldn’t go to the first one this year as I was at Fidgety Feet. They originally did it on first Saturday of every month but then it collapsed with Red Rhythm Saturdays quite often so they made it every second Friday of every month … I think … anyway, it’s not for me to tell this story.

Anyway, it started at 10 PM and went on until 3 AM. Yes, I got there at around 11 PM. It was weird as I normally finish dancing at around 10:30 – 11:00 PM (Swing Pit or Swing Den for example). So I stayed there until the end and then I went to McDonalds to have my usual 2 large burgers … 😀

Yes, the event was AMAZING. In the beginning, there were like maybe 15-20 people tops and like 4-5 couples dancing. You see, there was another event called “Wilton’s [something]”, sorry, I don’t know the full name but it finished at like 11:00 PM or 12:00 PM and majority of people came to Bedroom Bar for after party. I had a few dances while there were a few people. Then I had even more dances when there were lots of people.

OK, listening to “16 tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford 50 times last Saturday paid off! I danced to this song and could play with musicality … a lot! Not just break stops but slow motions and what not. It was great. For the first couple of hours, music was excellent, not too slow and not fast … not even Charleston-ish. Then, like last 1-1.5 hours we had this rock’n’roll-ish music, fast, even Charleston was quite hard for this type of music … there were couple of blues-type music where I couldn’t do lindy hop due to the songs being too slow … all in all, I think music was perfect … I warmed up by dancing lindy and then when the faster music sterated, I was already warm and in the swing mood … I guess.

The venue itself was fine. I mean, I couldn’t slide (I mean, I don’t have suede on my shoes) but I didn’t need to. It was quite crowded … there were maybe 50 people in there … sorry, I cannot tell exactly how many as I didn’t count it lol. There were like 3 columns on the side with tables. If there were no columns then the dance floor would have been much larger I guess but it was great. Well, a lot of people went to GNSH so there weren’t as many people as there were last month but then again I wouldn’t know … I wasn’t at this event last month … I know that I am going to Bedroom Bar bounce next month for sure!

About my own dancing experience … I think my musicality might be slowly improving. I can sort of stop on breaks even if I have not heard of this song before … I guess these things come naturally when you dance crazily frequently. I don’t think I had proper Charleston dances yesterday, I did kicks or singles during some of the songs … therefore I didn’t do Tandem Charleston … wait what? It’s weird … 😀

OK, I am not dancing today as I got work to do. I’ll see if I finish everything  for my work then I will be a very happy man and I might try to cook something tomorrow. Swing Pit tomorrow for sure … as is Meet Our Scene next Saturday! Woohoo! For next Saturday, 6.5 hours of dancing. What more can I ask for? 7 hours of dancing 😀

See you later!

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