Becoming international DJ at One Minute Challenge 2017

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t have to pay for this event as I was DJing, however, I will not be sugar-coating because that’s who I am – embodiment of honesty. There are people who can vouch for this.

So, yes, you read the title right – I became international DJ officially. It was amazing and great opportunity to DJ to around 150 people. I was DJing in room 2 on Friday and then I closed the party on Sunday. I hope my song choices didn’t screw things up …

OK, it was my third visit in Budapest, I went to Lindy Shock 2014 and Lindy Shock 2015 but I had to skip the Lindy Shock 2016 because I went to Sicily Swing Fest 2016. While these two events didn’t clash, I thought that I have been to Budapest twice already and never had been to Sicily before.

Anyway, I faced couple of embarassments in Budapest which I may or may not share in this post. OK, I will share. I arrived on Thursday and I got to my appartment and tried to unlock the door for around 10 minutes. It didn’t work at first but then I realised I tried to unlock the wrong lock … ­čÖü

OK, let’s get back to the actual event. Do you know why it’s called One Minute Challenge? There are teams that are competing and they have to choregraph their own dance for one minute. That is such a cool idea. There are no other kind of competition like Jack & Jill or Solo. Team competitions only. I watched all of them and they were really great performances, especially from the winners. They won for the reason, right?

Event took place over 3 different venues. I had to walk for 15-20 minutes to most of them. There was another one which was 2.7 kilometres away. I ended up walking for 4 kilometres … yep, I got lost (fail) … ;D

The classes were brilliant. It’s been a while since I outed class material. I will not tell what we learned because it would kill the whole idea of actually attending the event. I am certain you can find videos on YouTube.

I also loved DJing. On Friday, I DJed in room 2. There weren’t that many people because room 2 was not the main ballroom on Friday. We had about 10 – 12 couples dancing. On Sunday, I DJed at the very end for nearly 2 hours. I was so excited to see so many people dancing to the songs that I chose to play. During some songs, there were 30~ couples dancing (almost entire audience) … well, I couldn’t please everybody, I guess …

We also had a band called Hot Jazz Band. They were brilliant. They were very professional and played songs that weren’t too long and very nice to dance to. The floor-craft was also great. I was not hit or bumped at. As far as I can remember, I didn’t hit or bumped at anyone either. If I did … apologies. Mistake was mine.

The bar was super cheap. For 0.4l pint of beer you pay 500 forint which is about 1.5 – 2 euro. I ended up having pineapple juice instead … ;D

So, to end this post, I must say that I truly enjoyed the whole event – classes, dances, DJing, venues, the band, team competition, etc … I would definitely come back next year!

Next, you will see me at All Lithuanian Weekend 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania … this weekend actually (assuming you are reading this before Friday, 17th of February, 2017).