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Hi there,

I won’t be long this time, really. I am supposed to be sleeping as I am off Durham tomorrow afternoon, driving 5 hours, YEAH!

Anyway, I’ll quickly talk what we did there today. First class was for beginners completely. It was Charleston … they thought basic Charleston, hand to hip Charleston and Push Away.

Then the second class started right after jazz warm up. We learned some spinning moves. We had this short routine – 8 count send out where we had to do some footwork variations on beats 5-8 (sliding and stuff), then lindy turn with last 4 beats of footwork variation again (sliding and stuff) … then Texas Tommy with outside turn (where followers turn twice) but leaders had to end up to the side rather than in open so we could do reverse right to right swing out or rather circle as we ended up in close and not in open. We had this momentum exercise where we had to run anti-clockwise direction. It was fun but I had this fear in case we disconnected or something … live and let go … OR NOT!

Anyway, socials started, we did shim sham (yes!) and Charleston stroll which I didn’t do because I was rusty and all … we also had a birthday jam. I STOLE!

OK, I am very sorry for being too short here but I am off to bed now. See you all in DURHAM!

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