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Hi there,

I took a week or two off blogging. I did this not because I was not satisfied with the dancing classes but because I was truly busy. My uni started, got boat loads of  work for my business and what not …

Anyway, I am back to normal (almost) it seems so I will be blogging again. Just a quick look at what happened since 3rd Feb (my last blog post), I went to Kentish Town on 4th, learned some footwork variations for tuck turns, learned the entry into this circle-ish movement where leads can do Suzy Qs, in beginners class we learned hand to hand Charleston (or was it like kick crosses, really confused with the names now … perhaps it is so because it’s still early morning for me (2 PM lol)).

Then I went to Newington Green on Thursday. We did Californian swing routine. It’s fun: 3 swing outs, lindy circle with a break on beat 7, corridors (or is it skip ups? I think both names mean the same move) with double kick on beats 7 and 8 then diagonal tuck turn (around 45 degrees to the right from the lead), changing places, attack the follower (that I might explain a bit later in this post), 6 beat send out with jump on beat 4 and crazy legs on beats 5 and 6. It was really fun. Then we had level 3 class and we did some awesome moves … like variation of entry to sailor kicks. It comes from close position. I might elaborate this a bit later in some other posts, not this. Sorry that I skipped blogging about it, I cannot remember what other cool moves we learned that day 🙁 Then we had socials and all.

About this “attack the follower” move. It’s cool. 6 beats. We start with, let’s call passive rock step. That’s when both, followers and leads do rock step but there is no actual stretch so followers stay where they are but leads move. Leads must be very close to followers by the end of triple step and then they connect and on beat 5, leads crouch down with a stomp and hold on beat 6. It’s hard to explain it but it is really cool, I might try it in socials at some point …

Anyway, I headed to Swing Den on Friday, 7th Feb. I had an exciting time there, I was not afraid of making mistakes there which I did many anyway.

I didn’t dance on Saturday but I listened to 16 tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford like 50 times in a row and now I know this song like a back of my hand.

Then I was busking at Galleria with SavoyHop people on Sunday morning/afternoon. It was great, it was like 11-12 of us which was way better than a busk back in September … I just don’t like dancing in front of like 30-50 people but I guess I gained courage. It was fun. Then we (half of buskers) headed to Swing Pit. It was quite packed but I had an amazing time and my teachers from SavoyHop were there and I danced there with them as well as many other people.

Next Monday, I went to Savoy Hop. In jazz class we added upon our big apple routine – stomp pushes, frog leap (or something), falling off the log and rocks. Then we did 3 wall Dean Collins swing out variation. I doubt I would be using it in social dancing … it’s way too complex and requires too much stretch and precision. Makes it very dizzy and stuff however, I am looking forward for the next Monday to see what other variations we are going to learn. Besides, it was AWESOME that we had 3 strolls … well, they had, I had only 2 – shim sham and tranky doo (I know that I know all the steps but I forget sometimes which step comes when). Then they had trickeration as well but I cannot do it … I know like first 8 beats lol.

Anyway, I went to Kentish Town on Tuesday. We did chase and trickeration during the intermediate class. I knew how to do the chase as I learned it at SavoyHop, however, it was a bit different and then we added trickeration on the last chase. I am not going to explain what it’s like as I don’t have the time for this right now but I will do so some other time. During beginners class, we learned Tandem Charleston. I knew it before but I had never done the entry from hand to hand Charleston so it was new to me.

OK, that summarises the amazing time I had while I had days off blogging. Now about yesterday’s Newington Green class …

… well, it was great. During level 2 class they learned shim sham. I participated because I wanted to get back to basic, besides, there was literally no people dancing downstairs (due to GNSH I assume?) . We learned like half of shim sham until boogey backs.

Anyway, level 3 class started. It was awesome. We did musicality stuff. First, we talked about Jack and Jill competitions and how they work. We probably all know how it works. We talked what to do if you compete with (not against) complete newbie. You do your own stuff as much as you can while not confuse your partner … we had this exercise where one of us was completely inexperienced while the other one was experienced dancer. I always chose to be a newbie (I didn’t need to pretend too much lol) … I was doing my old bad habits … during swing out, instead pivoting on first triple step, I was triple stepping around and using my arms for stretch rather than moving my core and stuff … it was fun..ny.

Then we talked about breaks. We had several exercises – breaking on every X beat. First, we broke on every beat 7, then on every beat 5. Then we broke out on every beat 5 (like disconnecting completely) and reconnecting on beat 8. Then we broke on beat 3 until beat 8. And finally we broke on beat 1 until 8 (lol). It was awesome, we had some solo moves while being disconnected. I loved doing cowboy shooting stuff or lock spins or just being like WTF happened and then offering my hand by beat 6 or so. The funniest bit was to break out on beat 1. We couldn’t do a rock step, we could only do rock … and then connecting for like 1 or 2 beats … and then disconnecting again … quite creepy 😀 Not really but I loved it.

Last bit we did during that class was mini dip and then variation. I believe I have blogged about mini dip before. We had this cool variation, we did kick ball change after the clap and then we crossed in front with the left (for leads), connected with right knee up (yes, it’s different knee from the original mini dip). Then we could do a swing out or sometime but we did triple step instead of rock step, so we had to do 2 triple steps, 2 steps and 2 triple steps.

Social dancing was great also. We did shim sham and stuff … 😀

OK, it was cool not just because of shim sham. I had many great dances where I played with musicality and stuff. Yes, I feel like I am improving … at least a bit. We also had birthday jam but I didn’t steal … I cannot follow …

On my way home, I had this horrible traffic where 1 lane was open due to repairs and it had an accident anyway so the road was closed … so I went back to the venue and got home via different route … got home at like 00:30 🙁

OK, this is probably the longest post, around 1,300 words! I received some feedback from someone about my blog and he told me that my blog lacks of images. I suppose I could add pictures of venues I dances at and teachers I dance with … but then teacher pictures might start outing them … I guess people who dance where I dance already know who teach there. Obviously, those images would be posted on blog ONLY with permission of people who are in the photo(s).

OK, that’s all for now, got lots of work before I head out for bedroom bar bounce 🙂

See you soon.

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