Awesomeness ahead – too many events to list

Hi all!

This is the first post of 2015! Today, I’d like to take the reflection of the past year through a different approach. You know, like, all bloggers blog about how awesome/awful their 2014 was … I already blogged about my commitments so what else can I blog about? Today, I am going to plan my dancing “career” for the next few months, so here they are, lots of events I should be going to.

First of all, my January is going to be a bit sad. Don’t get me wrong, there is stuff going on, I just can’t make to the most of them. Remember, DJAM next weekend. I can’t make to this one but I blogged about it last year here and here. Then there is Honk Kong Swing Festival at the very end of January but I cannot make to this one either. Then there is Reading Swing Ball which I cannot attend to as I will still be away … However, I shall be going to Super Swing Pit and Winter Ball both hosted by Swing Patrol. If you are hardcore dancer like me (who dance everywhere and all the time) then you might wanna go to Brixton Bounce before you go to Super Swing Pit on January 18th. I don’t know if I am going to … but you might see me there! Best thing is that there is 30 minutes break between the events so it’s perfect for travelling/lunch, etc … there were couple of workshops I wanted to attend to like 1920’s Charleston workshop hosted by LSDS but I am flying back to England on Sunday morning so I won’t be able to make to that one unfortunately. These guys are also running Saturday Night Swing at Wild Times venue. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G event but I am not sure if I can make it this month … There are other regular socials I should be going to … such as It’s A Swing Thing (with live band called Bevin Boys) or Red Rhythm, etc …

Moving forward to February, I might not be able to list all of the things that are going on due to them being too far in the future. First of all, there is Edinburgh’s University of Swing during the first weekend of February. I am not going to that one unfortunately. Instead, I will be going to Swing at Charlie’s on February 6th. They always have an AMAZING band called The Broken Swing Band … trust me, band name is misleading … they ain’t broken at all 😉 There is a choice which I have to make for the next day (Saturday, 7th Feb). Either go to Harlem Nights in Watford or Mouthful O Jam. They are both great socials … I will most likely go to Harlem Nights … but my mind tends to change … and quite frequently … Moving forward, there is Goodnight Sweetheart 2015 during Valentine’s weekend. I am going! I don’t know what else is going on that weekend … and it’s not like I care … I will be dancing in Watford the whole weekend and I hope to meet my friends from Hertfordshire, Switzerland, Germany, France, London and UK … 😀 Then there is Authentic Jazz Workshop With Kibble that is on Feb 22nd. Even though Kibble is my inspiration, I cannot promise if I am going … I might be going to some digital marketing workshops in February (yup, there are workshops for marketing :O ). Rest of February – nothing else outstanding … just regular socials I guess 🙂

OK, last month of planning … I dislike planning my future in general … things don’t always go according to the plan anyway … I prefer spontaneity in my life … anyway, March looks exciting … there is Swing Street Ball that was SMASHING last year, unfortunately, I was taking time off blogging about lindy hop so I didn’t blog about it. Will go there this year and will blog about it for sure. It was one of the highlights of the 2014. This year they have London Dance Orchestra – 11 piece band that should be amazing! The following week is nothing less exciting – Swing Revolution in Leeds! Yeah, amazing teacher line-up and amazing people. It’s going to be awesome to catch up with Leeds people as I know so many of them … Then there is South London Swingfest on 20-22 March hosted by Swingland. 3 nights of live music and 2 days of workshops! It is going to be amazing. Will be blogging for sure 🙂

Obviously, there are many other great events I have not mentioned. I should be going to Savoy Hop classes regularly … I just cannot list every single event … if you have me on Facebook, please, do invite me into lindy hop events. While I cannot promise you that I will make it, I love having options. It does not matter if it’s not London or Hertfordshire, if it’s event I see interesting, I can drive there 🙂

That’s all from me today.

See ya!

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