At Charlie Wright’s with David McTea & Swinging Magpies

Hello there, I know it might be a bit delayed but I’ve been busy … I still am busy even as I am writing this very post.

Last Sunday, October 19th, I went to Charlie Wright’s event where a friend of mine was playing his very first gig. I believe that I could easily get to this place without sat nav now and you know what that means right? It means that I am regular visitor of Charlie Wright’s place! I can also get home without sat nav 😀

The band was called David McTea & Swinging Magpies. You can see the picture on the left. One of the band members was missing but I will not get into specifics as to why she was missing …

OK, I really enjoyed his singing and playing. I loved the fact that the tempo was really really good. I mean, it wasn’t too fast nor was it too slow. Just the kind of tempo I truly love. They played some of really good songs such as “It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing” or “I like cake, I like pie …”, etc … really good voice even though the microphone was not loud enough. They told me they will be playing shim sham soon. YEAH!

OK, about dancing. They played two sets. I sat on chair almost in front of the band nodding my head to the beat (no, not the kind of nod you do to metal and shit 😀 ). I was also “tapping” to the beat. No, not an actual tap dance, just “vibrating” ( 😀 ) my kneed/feet to the beat. Then I talked to some other fans of this band and I found some dancers! OK, there was one follower and like … three leaders. I danced a few times and I really enjoyed it! I had my swing fix for that day. I danced like three or four songs during their second set. It was amazing how one band played 21 song …

In general, I had a very lovely and a bit sweaty evening. It was worth swapping super swing pit for once for something less energy consuming … it was a good company of old and new friends, great atmosphere and I like staff that work at Charlie Wright’s bar. One of the most important things of the evening – selfie/groupie of me and the band you can see on the right. Sorry, I look like gorilla with those arms like that but who cares … it ain’t Facebook ;D

Anyway, I am off now as I got presentation at uni early morning … it’s OK, I am prepared to nail that thing down! 😀 I should be able to go to Bloomsbury Anniversary Bounce … or whatever it’s called. I guess two journeys to London tomorrow … See ya!

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