All is fair in love and war … and Jack & Jill … Steppin’ out at Wilton’s

FOREWORD: This blog post might seem a bit boring as there are no selfies included, so I just stole this image (on the left) from Google images. Please don’t sue me.

Hi there,

Yesterday, I attended another great event with no live music – Step Out With Swing Patrol at Wilton’s Musical Hall. I wasn’t hungover, I had a very awesome time there … I danced my heart out.

Look, I blogged about Ain’t Misbehavin’ 5th birthday but I had to skip to blog about Bishopsgate Swing … because I was hungover at that event and I will not get into details … but I met my non-dancing-yet friends on Saturday night. It was a great night out though.

So, basically, I was so busy yesterday that I almost didn’t take any selfies … I also competed … successfully! I know I placed somewhere between position 6 and 10 … out of 10 couples competing. I was filmed and photographed … I felt that my ego was satisfied … again 😉

OK, back to the event, what I LOVED about it, was the fact that it was not too packed. At the peakest time (when we had a full snowball after the competition), there was still space for bloody swing outs! That was crazy … I have been to Wilton’s couple times before and it would always get too busy to even breath. It used to be really hard to get tickets … even in advance … but then again, it was Tuesday night so … people have work or holidays … or something 😉 I am certain there were some tickets for sale on the door.

So I really enjoyed the music. Especially during the competitions … all 3 songs were really amazing! I believe 2 of them are already on my playlist when I DJ 😉 I loved the atmosphere, people, friends, dancing, music, DJs, venue … even though the floor is uneven.

OK, with that, I am going to end this post so I hope you can check this event out by yourselves! Next, see me (still cheaply) DJing at Dr Low’s Medicine Show, VAA House Party on Friday and the amazing London Authentic Jazz and Lindy Hop Weekender!

Talk soon 😉