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Well, as my 6-day marathon is nearing the end, I am really happy to say that it is going to finish with the BANG! I mean, today was absolutely amazing, so much happened in mere 3 hours!

OK, let’s start from beginning right? In jazz class we started on Christmas stroll. I will have to out the moves so I can refer back as I train for this stroll as I want to be good at it.

It starts with two kick ball changes on the right, then step to the right, slide and then we do this funny move where we hug ourselves and improvise that chill down the spine (you know, when you start talking about aliens, space or other mysterious and scary things in the pitch blackness with mere candle lights on that make your back shiver for a second, pretty sure you know that feeling) 🙂 Then we repeat that on the other leg. Then we galop twice to the right and on 3rd galop, we just step with our right leg, lift left and click fingers and repeat on the other side. As we finish with the weight on the left leg, we do this Franky fingers with the right leg. Basically we do a heel dig (I think) with the right leg and at the same time we put out our index finger with the left hand. That’s for 2 beats. Then we put the same leg back and swap hands, that’s another 2 beats and then we put our right leg in front again and then we imitate falling snowflakes with our both arms for 3 beats and then we stomp off on beat 8.

Yeah, you got it right! We proceed with takei end (not sure how to spell it). We do 2 full moves (up to beat 4) and then instead of stepping back with the right leg, we just tap and then do a breakaway (x3). As we breakaway, we move slightly forward but the whole takei end and break away combination is done 3 times in a row. On the first 3 breakaways we move forward, on the second set of breakaways, we move backwards and then forward again and then we do basic break we do during Jitterbug stroll – step, tap, step, tap, step, step, step, step. Funny thing is that during takei end, we do not push our arms back as we step back, we imitate steering image. I know my move looked cheesy … as I was steering cheese … all the time. Lol.

OK, that’s awesome, then another awesome part began. We start off with the fall of the log (or rather fall off the Christmas tree?) since it is a bit of variation. We kick, click fingers as we normally do, on beat 3 we pick up a bag of gifts and continue marching until beat 7 and then we repeat the same to the other side. Then we do Bogey downs (or reindeer downs?) and point fingers straight as if we are looking at the reindeer and repeat to the other side. Then we do the last bit and I don’t the name of this move but it is easy. We step right left, hold, right left, hold, right left, right left, right left, clap. I am pretty sure everybody knows this move. Anyway, this Christmas stroll is not yet finished as we are going to finish it the next Monday at our Xmas Shindig party!

Anyway, we had a break, chat, etc …

Ah, I have to say, before we started the Christmas stroll, a few guests visited SavoyHop. 4 guests, pro dancers, dancing teacher gurus, etc … so yeah, they joined us for Christmas stroll. At the beginning of the second class, we learned one special stroll which looks very easy from the outside and when doing solo but it gets much harder when partnered. We step to the left with left leg and then bring the right leg as if we were wounded or something … sliding sort of … we do that twice, then repeat to the right, we do this to the front-left (diagonal direction), go back, do twice to the left again but on the last bit we tap with the right foot, kick with the right, kick with the left, tap with the right again and then kick with the right, cross, kick, down, then we repeat with the left leg and then we step 4 times and turn 90 degrees to the right as we step. When partnered, it’s much harder, I am not going to describe it, I wouldn’t probably have enough time to do so as I am up in 6 hours lol … but it’s some hardcore stuff.

Then we split classes as always, did the Rueda. Then we had some more Tandem variations. We had entry variation from BOOM into Tandem Charleston (yeah, it’s hip hands or hip kicks or whatever but I like to call it BOOM as we kick hard … 😀 ). So instead of kicking after you turn 180 degrees, you keep turning and pumping down and then leaders do the double pump down to catch followers’ right arm to get into the Tandem. It was great! I know the same variation where we do this kick with our inside legs after we connect but this was equally amazing! Then we had this basic Tandem variation as well. On rock step we turn upper bodies to the right to lead this variation and then leaders sort grab left arm’s forearm and pump down moving in front and right in diagonal direction and then do a double pump down while followers turn around 360 degrees (or is it 180 degrees, not sure where followers are exactly on count 5 and onwards) but yeah, it’s like they change direction. It seems that now I know so many Tandem variations that I could probably dance the whole song (if the song was half minute long that is) 😀

Anyway, that sums up the second class but this is NOT THE END YET!

We had a birthday Jam. I unfortunately didn’t steal as it was leader’s birthday (Happy Birthday!). And then we had a Guest Jam. Yes, two guests, both from Italy, had their jams at the same time. I stole! It was great!

Then socials started. We didn’t have much time left but I had like 5 cool dances and stuff. I had a chance to practice what we learned today.

Well, that was great 5th day of my 6-day dancing marathon! Kentish Town tomorrow to finish the marathon.

Bye for now.

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