About the author

My name is Don. I am 20+ years old (I won’t reveal my exact age but you can find it easily on my Facebook profile anyway; this way I won’t have to edit this page every year as I get 1 year older, instead, I’ll update once a decade lol (saves time and all)).

Started dancing on 20th May, 2013 at SavoyHop. Shortly, joined Jiveswing and Club Savoy. Then I started social dancing with Swing Patrol (while still attending aforementioned schools). Actually, there are more schools I dance with, too many to mention but you will find them out if you keep reading the blog.

I go to many workshops and camps and live band social events and review them.

About the blog

This blog was created because of the passion for swing dancing. It was suggested by someone (you know who you are and I know you are reading this blog ­čśŤ ) so 2 days later it was up and running!

I don’t intend to offend anyone in this blog that’s why you won’t hear names of people I dance with. To be fair with everybody, I won’t mention names of people who were good followers either (yep, I guess I was naturally born leader, I will never follow, I follow (2015 edit) ­čÖé )

I won’t out anyone.

It’s worth mentioning again that I WON’T OUT people.

If you join Facebook page, be prepared to get “spammed” with links to the blog posts as I blog as soon as I finish dancing and I dance 4-6 times a week. I am not using twitter as much as facebook.

If you know me in real life – great! If you don’t then it might be even better.