7 reasons to be at the next Uptown Swing event!

Hello there, I know I promised to blog about this about 2 weeks ago but life gets in a way of blogging … just like last blog post, this one will be somewhat different. Uptown Swing is based in East/North London with great teacher line-up in their classes. Although, I cannot talk about them yet as I have never been to their classes before (but I will visit them soon), I know teachers from teaching other workshops and they are top notch teachers and AMAZING swing/jazz dancers. So without further ado, here are 7 reasons to always come to Uptown Swing events:

  1. Amazing atmosphere – as hardcore lindy hoppers as we all are (those who dance many times a week), we always want to be amongst two dozens of other lindy hoppers and share the joy and awesomeness of lindy hop. Uptown Swing’s socials always attract 100+ dancers to their events.
  2. Vintage record player – lindy hop is very related to vintage right? Seeing records spinning and making that sound we danced to is probably one of the closest pictures you can get to the actual swing era.
  3. A way to improve awareness and frame matching – let’s be honest, when it comes to Rags To Riches, there are more people than grains of the sand. It’s not a bad thing but bumps and collisions happen all the time. This is a great time to improve spatial awareness, awareness of others and frame matching … on a massive level, not just individually.
  4. No performances, pure social dancing – sometimes I get a bit dissappointed when performances and other social talks, etc … take half of the time. We have only so many hours to dance and we do want to dance! Birthday Jams, shim sham, etc … it’s OK from time to time but when I come to the event that is supposed to take 4 hours and I can dance only 2 due to things that are not necessary … please.
  5. Late night dancing – it’s pretty awesome when social dancing night finishes quite late – 2 or 3 AM. Most people are long gone by then due to underground/trains/buses, etc … but those who stay until very end, I think you are as hardcore lindy hoppers as you can get! I applaud you.
  6. Taster classes – I believe Ain’t Misbehaving and Nighthawks offer taster classes. Most of the time I participate. I love them because these classes warm you up before the epic dancing night. Most events I go to offer these taster classes at about 6 or 7 PM and it is usually hard for me to make to the venue this early due to traffic in London. I love Uptown Swing’s social as they start a bit later than other events.
  7. Monthly events – I actually prefer monthly events over weekly. When it comes to monthly events, most of “fans” of the social night will be there because if they miss it, they will have entire month to wait for another one.

So there you have it, 7 reasons to come to Uptown Swing events. As of writing this (10 October 2015), Nighthawks are happening tonight! There are a few more tickets for sale, grab them while you can. See you there?

Oh, don’t forget to visit uptown swing and if you ever see me, ask me for a selfie and I will not say NO. I will always say YES for selfies ;D

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