7 hopping things I committed to … or I will die trying

Hi there! I know it’s been a while since I blogged. I have been really busy and all … it’s really easy to cover my laziness by saying just how busy I was … xD

And here I was … truly busy! Now that 2014 is almost out of the way, it’s time to make some new year resolutions which I might not be following anyway … none of us do … or do we? 😀

Alright, I cannot say that these are actual resolutions, I don’t need/want to change my lifestyle … so instead of saying “resolution”, I’ll say “commitment” and stick to them or die trying … ;D

You know, over the past 1.5 years of dancing, I never lost passion for lindy hop and now it is time I do something great for my own passion! So here are my 7 commitments for lindy hop and this blog for 2015:

1. Blog more often.

Now in terms of internet marketing, those “gurus” keep telling their readers to blog every single day! Now I am afraid that I would run out of ideas if I blogged every single day and I cannot dance every night … I remember days when I could … now time changed, I am busier with business and I don’t want to blog about the same venue/event several times a month, that’s why I like events that happen once a month with live band such as Swing at Charlie’s!

2. Fix directory.

About a year ago, I launched classes directory which was a massive failure … I suppose I can chew less than I bite sometimes … I targeted the whole England while I should have targeted Hertfordshire and London in the beginning. Now I have no idea about directory yet but I know I will be adding it back … or something equally amazing!

3. Dance more.

This goes without saying. I will try to do even more camps and dance more around England rather than just London. You know, London is great, but I want to socialise with other lindy hoppers who are from all over the UK. I will still be dancing in London but if I want to claim national popularity, I need to be known everywhere in the UK, not just London … sorry, that’s ego speaking … 😀

4. Socialise more.

Similarly to a previous commitment, I will be socialising with more people and in wider locations than just London. I will be adding more people on Facebook and following more on Twitter. You know, every friend on Facebook and every fan on Twitter is a potential prospect, regular reader of this blog … XD

5. Smile more.

Last time I danced, at Xmas Extravaganza (sorry, I did not blog about it), I surely smiled more than other times. It made me feel more excited. I wish there was a workshop for smiling … ;D

6. Take private lessons.

It goes without saying that private lessons with industry experts (sorry, international teachers 😀 ) help massively and they are so much better than classes or workshops as teachers cannot provide 1-to-1 teaching in workshops.

7. Take more selfies with important people

The last but not least … it’s quite self-explanatory and yes, that’s another commitment that comes from my ego. It wouldn’t surprise me if I stuck to this commitment through out the year … ;D

OK, that’s it. I have other things in mind but I’ll keep them for myself. What are your new year resolutions?

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