4 reasons to attend Swing Street Ball on 17 of September, 2016

Hi there, if you are free on 17th of September, 2016 (which you should be unless you are doing Swing Street Ball), then you should come to Swing Street Ball. Without further ado, here are 4 reasons to go to Swing Street Ball:

  • King Candy & The Sugar Push – do I really need to say a word about this band? Here’s the video:

  • Pimlico academy auditorium – a very large hall indeed – 350 seats or 500 standing capacity. That day, all the seats will be removed, obviously. Just look at this:
Image courtsy of bestvenues.london
Image courtsy of bestvenues.london


  • Warm-up class and 3 minute performance by Nikki Santilli. I know Nikki personally – she’s a phenomenal dancer and teacher, I blogged about her teaching abilities on Wild Times post. Her 3 minute performance will take us through Jazz travel! She is in this movie:

  • Great event overall – I went couple years ago and I had a blast. The atmosphere was AMAZING! Sound system was awesome, everything was crazy good and very well organised. The best part? Space for swing outs!

So there you have it – 4 reasons you should attend the Swing Street Ball. Click here for Facebook event and here to acquire the tickets.

Oh, I’ll be there, dancing, taking pictures and, perhaps, videoing for vlog ­čśë