3.5 Hours Private Lesson and DJing For Chee Chee Gals


Yesterday I was really busy and got so tired that I couldn’t blog about it. I might leave blogging in the morning (or afternoon) since it seems I learned this skill that allows me to fall asleep at will. Yeah, all you do is relax and think about nothing and then you start dreaming … kinda … instantly … so my sleeping pattern is gonna be fixed … eventually!

Anyway, yesterday I had this private class with Paul Claydon which was supposed to be 2 hours session but instead, we had 3.5 hours! We went over swing outs and lindy turns, footwork, techniques and strategies used to improve them. It was amazing! We had 2 exercises using handles tied with elastic so we could measure the stretch. With this exercise I learned that after count 1, left arm is not needed at all for a basic lindy turn until count 7 since leading is done with the right arm. Another exercise was quite similar. We measured the stretch for count 4 and 8. It allowed me to learn the techniques used for leading with hips. I also learned that the last triple step is also important to position myself for the next lindy turn. It was amazing!

Then we talked about musicality and had some walking and jogging exercises. I cannot comment much about it since I feel I am not at that level yet but it would be great if I could hit the breaks on time. I guess I need to listen to more swing music now ­čÖé

Overall, the private class was amazing! I feel like I improved a lot, will see its effect tonight at swing pit.

The other part of the day was also exciting. I was DJing for Chee Chee Gals! Yes, I was a DJ! It was my first time doing it and I thought I would only need to push a button to play and stop music. While it’s true, it was scary! Harder and scarier than I thought. I had natural jazz hands without trying to do them. I had this fear of putting too much pressure on the tough pad to accidentally make it click to screw the music up … and I screwed up once anyway … by pausing music at one point but then resumed it quickly!

We also had this short class where almost all guests were dancing! I have never seen 50 people trying to swing dance! It was amazing.

Well, that was experience DJing and stuff. Now, I got some work to do before I am off to swing pit! Woohoo!

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