2 Years Anniversary – What I learned


So today marks my 2 years dancing anniversary. Time flies. So today I wanted to share what I learned in those 2 years. It’s not all about dancing, it’s about life and business in general.

Follow your passion.

Without a doubt, swing dancing is my passion and I am following it quite heavily. I am pretty sure that majority of readers of my blog share the same passion. You know often times I hear that people wake up in the morning and then go to work. Then they work overtime so they earn slightly more money. Then they get stressed and too tired from working too hard to the point where they have no more energy to follow their pasisons (whether it’s dancing or whatever other passion they pursue). There has to be a fine balance between work and entertainment …

I was like that some time ago. Now, when it comes to spending my money, I always go after experiences rather than physical things. That’s why I go to so many camps and workshops … when your life situation changes (whether you pass away or worse) … all things disappear. You are left with your experiences and memories … but if you never lived your life … you had no memories or experiences in the first place.

Don’t worry what other people think about you.

People are busy. Often times a person wonders how he or she looks, what other people think about them, oh my god, messy hair … wrong move (when it comes to dancing) … relax. Nobody cares. They are all busy people. You are just a tiny part of their lives. You are a very small needle in a massive haystack. It is demotivating but at the same time it is quite liberating 🙂

Just think about this: how many times do you think about every person you meet? You have other things to think about – food, work … perhaps next dance camp 😀

Don’t try to be perfect.

For the past several months, I have been listening to Ralph Smart on Youtube. I like his saying – don’t be perfect … be just good enough. Hell, you don’t even need to be that. Just be.

Look, when you are trying to be perfect, you worry too much about mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes … nobody is perfect. Oh, and dance for fun, not to show off … unless you are competing … then show off 😀


This is very relevant when you take selfies/groupies with people … especially celebrities or musicians. The answer will always be NO if you don’t ask. What I learned in 2 years is that people have egos. When you ask to take a photo with them (assuming they perform live), you boost their ego. You would boost mine if you asked me to take a photo with you for sure 😀 Oh, little ego is not a bad thing. It’s what drives us to be better I guess but some people get too egoistic … too much ego is bad (I have not met anyone who’s too egoistic 😀 ).

When you desire something but you don’t have the balls to ask for it, do it anyway. What’s the worst that can happen? You get a ‘no’ … now move on.


If there was a workshop for smiling, I would attend it. However, it makes me smile when other people smile. It doesn’t cost too much … right?

Life is exciting.

Every moment is exciting. Live it.

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