11 things I commited to in 2016 … I will fulfil them or die tryin’

Hello all. Last year, I made a post about my commitments for 2015. I must say that I am quite happy with the progress I made. Let’s take a look at previous commitments:

  1. Blog more often – yes, I blogged much more in 2015 than I blogged in 2014. I made 58 posts in 2015 and 37 in 2014. That’s about 21 post more. I am very happy with this.
  2. Fix directory – I failed this commitment horribly. I am working on something better so screw the directory … for now.
  3. Dance more – this one is hard to compare. If we compare the camps and stuff, I did about 14 camps or so in 2014 and only 9 in 2015 … I also did some other type of dancing workshops (blues, balboa, ceroc, etc …) in 2015. I’ll just say that I am quite satisfied with how much I danced in 2015 😀
  4. Socialise more – yup. I don’t have to prove this one to anyone but it’s a tick on this one 😉
  5. Smile more – I believe I have smiled more in 2015 than in 2014. Mainly because I learned not to give a damn about mistakes while dancing, that allows me to relax and what not …
  6. Take private lessons – nope, I haven’t had a single private lesson so far. I do hope this changes in 2016.
  7. Take more selfies with important people – yup, I took selfies with so many people … people like Remy, Jenny Thomas, Ali & Katja, Marcell, William & Maeva, JB & Tatjana, Max Pitruzella & Pamela and many more. Not just teachers but bands as well. Bands like Down for the Count, The Polka Dot Dolls, My Favourite Things, Kai Hoffman, Gordon Webster and plenty more.

So, without further ado, I shall talk about commitments for 2016:

1. Catch up with all the blogging

First of all, I must catch up with all the blogging – Snowball London 2015, Vintage Ball 2015, Lindy Hopper’s NYE 2015, etc …

2. Dance more

I did only 9 camps/festivals in 2015, I sure plan to do more than that in 2016. More than 9 events in 2016!

3. Smile & Socialise more

I put these 2 under one commitment because I think they are quite related. So, I will be smiling and socialising more.

4. Take private lessons

This year, I do plan on taking private classes. Perhaps, instead of booking camps with full workshops, I can book socials only and then take one or two private classes from international teachers who teach at the socials? That is worth investigating.

5. Take jazz and blues classes

I plan on expanding my dancing repertoire with jazz and blues. I mean, I love them both but I don’t normally dance. I would love to add balboa and shag as well but I think jazz and blues will do … for now.

6. Launch my new project

I am certain that there are a few people who already know about it. It is IMDb kind of site for lindy hop events/camps. This will feature things to see in the town where the camp is taking place, compare flight tickets, compare accommodation options (hosting, apartments, hotels, etc …) and many more.

7. Redesign Lindyverse

While I kind of love the look the blog currently has, I do plan major design change which will blow your mind! Stay tuned for this one 😉

8. vlog

While I did 3 or 4 vlog entries in 2015, I really want to get into vlogging because I believe video will show true spirit of lindy hop. You can’t really feel the vibe while reading. You must see!

9. Take selfies with other dancers/fans

Now that I am somewhat used to take selfies with teachers, organisers, musicians, bands, etc … I think it’s time to start taking selfies with random dancers, friends or just fans of Lindyverse 😀 Just ask me for a selfie, and I’ll do it. I am quite good at them 😉

10. Take a selfie with Peter Loggins

It’s self-explanatory.

11. Start jogging

I believe I must start jogging and do other excercises to gain more stamina, lose weight and perhaps, gain abs and more muscle … or something. I don’t aim to become ripped, I don’t need that stuff.

These are all the commitments I am gonna make for 2016. Have you made any lindy hop, business or personal commitments? Share in the comments below!