Summarising Lindy Shock 2014 And Why I Am Coming Back

Hi there, originally, I planned on making a post on Monday to tell you more in-depth about classes but I guess it is not nice to out the material so I might briefly touch on classes in this post. Prepare to read a somewhat long-ish post ๐Ÿ˜€

OK, so Lindy Shock 2014 consisted of these things: pre-party, opening ball, auditions, classes and even more social dancing … I danced for 7 days in a row … for about 60 hours in total. It was amazing.


You know all about it as I already blogged about it here so not much to touch upon.

Opening ball and auditions

You also probably already read about it here. Not much to talk about.


Wow, classes were amazing. We had 7 classes of 2 hours each. I am not going to talk much, just briefly tell you what we learned (Intermediate/Advanced #2). On Thursday, we had 1 class and it was great stuff. I learned about rock steps, how to lead them and what effect they make in terms of momentum, rotation and direction. I also learned this awesome move which I am using on social dance floor a lot.

On Friday, we had 2 classes. I suppose one was about the rhythm and breaks. Learned about 3 breaks which I am not really using. I need to practice these for sure! It was a very good class! The second class was about fluidity and moving … mainly tips on how to move smoothly … like a criminal … XD I also learned lindy circle variation which was awesome and now I am able to do it on the dance floor!

On Saturay, we had 1 class and 1 history class. In dance class, we practiced a lot of swing outs. We learned this awesome footwork variation which I am practicing a lot now … I mean, there is not much to practice, I am actually doing it. Before that variation, we learned how to hold on count 1 and then do this aweomse rock step within a single beat which was amazing and it truly made it easier to do this swing out variation. I suppose that if we didn’t learn this rock step variation we would have had a problem with the swing out variation. The history class was amazing but I had to leave in the middle of it as I had some digestion problems … YEAH, that problem! Though, it was good to learn more about the old timers!

On Sunday, we had 2 intense classes again. First, we had this very basic but very hard class about leading triple steps, single steps and quick steps. It’s all about pusling which I could hardly achieve. We also had roles swapped for a short time. I actually liked following (girls obviously xD). I re-learned how important the pulsing is. In the second and last class of the camp, we played with momentum and other invisible forces that allow us achieve incredible speed in dancing … no actually, we didn’t play with the latter stuff … it’s scary ๐Ÿ˜€ OK, it was about slight arm pulling and frame matching in swing outs so we could do fast and effortless swing outs. I tried it on social dance floor and it worked just amazingly! Then we had this variation with a pop turn. I finally learn THE POP TURN! It is really awesome move. I remember I learned it first at Savoy Hop and Jiveswing classes but I couldn’t make it work on social dance floor as in classes, it’s usually choreographed and followers just do them without you actually following it … and that’s bad .. but now I seem to be able to do it at my own will! It was awesome!

To summarise all the classes, they were all amazing. I am glad that they auditioned us and put us in groups within groups so everybody was equal … although some people in my group were AMAZING, I don’t know how they ended up in my group, they should have gone in advanced or advanced plus groups … so learning speed was really good. No one was bored due to easy moves for them. No one was left behind due to their slow learning either.

Social dancing

Well, I must admit that this camp by far was the best camp I’ve been to and you know I have been to a few. All the dancers were really good. Some of them were truly phenomenal. It’s not like I was intimidated … I was inspired to the point where I am going to take 1 hour a day (or 7 hours a week) and start training solo stuff at home. I was thrilled at some people’s musicality and moves! People from Russia, Sweden and Switzerland were the best dancers … we had about 4 dance floors to dance at. We had one main hall and then one smaller hall and then two rooms upstairs. In one room, we had blues and I don’t know what we had in the other room – I never knew it existed during my stay in Budapest ๐Ÿ˜€ On Sunday night, we had pop/hip hop music in one of the main halls … it was weird. I observed for half an hour but didn’t dance there. I needed to be drunk to be able to rave .. or blues XD

Cruising over river Danube

Photo from the roof of the boat!
Photo from the roof of the boat!

On Friday night, our boat called Europa sailed over river Danube. It was interesting as a lot of the people stayed on the roof even though it was quite cold. Some were dancing, others were looking over the deck. I did the latter one. OK, here’s funny thing that happed. There are like 3 or 4 bridges that connect Buda to Pest over river Danube. We sailed under 2 I think. As you approach the bridge, you just wave to the people standing on the bridge. As boat passes the bridge, you just run from baot’s front to its rear to wave to the people who are standing on the other side of the bridge. I hope you get me ๐Ÿ˜€


I am not a fan of watching competitions. I prefer dancing so I am not going to talk much about the competitions. I just know that one of my friends placed third in showcase and another friend placed second in advanced Jack & Jill. I don’t know who won at other Jack & Jill or strictly divisions but congratulations to all the winners!

Exploring Budapest

Alright, maybe not everybody had such opportunity but I landed 1 day before and flew off 1 day after the camp so I had a chance to explore a bit of Budapest. You can read about it here ๐Ÿ˜€


After-party was a bit weird. Fast music and I had no energy to dance. We had a hot jazz band playing and DJ DJing. I had maybe 10 dances that night. However, what I loved about it was having a chat with friends … from London mostly. We had like a table and 10 of us sat around the table and then had a few dances and chatted a bit, had some beers and cokes. It was a relaxing evening I think as I didn’t spend much of my energy on dancing ๐Ÿ˜€

The flight back to UK was really bad. We had a very low turbulence. It didn’t make me sick, I just don’t like flying, that’s all … but we made it!

OK, to quickly summarise why you should go next year:

  • Beautiful Budapest
  • Dancing on cruising boat
  • Dancing on the stationary boats
  • Great classes
  • Dancing with a few (1 actually) Hungarian people in Hungary
  • Great atmosphere
  • Great dancers
  • Live bands
  • Good food

Despite some stuff like:

  • Turbulence (due to whether in Europe around November)
  • Sometimes disappointing floorcraft and people not even saying sorry
  • Not having a proper break to rest ๐Ÿ˜€

Will I come back in 2015? YES! See you in Budapest in 2015!

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Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

CEO & Founder at Don Markets Limited
Hello, internet marketing (blogging) and swing dancing are two of my biggest passions. Combining them both was a good idea to spread the word about awesomeness of swing dancing. For more information about me, please check the "about" section of this blog.
Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

Hello, internet marketing (blogging) and swing dancing are two of my biggest passions. Combining them both was a good idea to spread the word about awesomeness of swing dancing. For more information about me, please check the "about" section of this blog.

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