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No matter how big or small your event is, it costs money to run it. If it is swing festival, then you need to pay for the venues, bands and teachers. Sure, you might get DJs that would DJ for free but then again, extra costs add up on top of those 3 main costs. Printing marketing material, advertising, website creation and maintenance, marketing itself. A single festival can quickly add up to several thousands euros (or pounds, dollars, etc ...).

Since I travel a lot for lindy hop (as a DJ or a dancer), I know that flyers work but who can travel around the Europe (or world) to distribute them? It might cost money but it is worth it!

How can I help?

Flyer distribution

Since I travel all over Europe (around twice a month and I expect to do 3 weekends a month in 2018), your flyers will be distributed all over Europe. Just imagine having your flyers in swing festivals that take place in Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark and plenty others). Your flyers will be viewed by the most targeted people - swing dancers.

But then again, I am certain that you know the power of flyer distribution.


I blog about lindy hop since November 2013. Blogging is my passion as well as one my income streams (not lindy hop related though). I blog in various niches and it makes me money. That means I know how to blog properly. Lindyverse ranks quite well on search engines and it has a loyal readership (3,000+ fans on Facebok). Everytime I blog about event, hundreds of people read it. The reviews I do certainly attract people interested in your event next year.


What is better than a piece of text about your event? Whole video! Vlogging is not that hard, all I need to do is film with my iPhone and then talk a little bit about this event. Swing dancing is a visual thing. I do believe that videos are better than posts because people get to see the actual venues and atmosphere.

You can, obviously, ask not to vlog, or perhaps, vlog without me talking about the event

Social media stats

Facebook personal account (1,500+ friends, 75% swing dancers)

Lindyverse fan page (3,000+ fans)

DonSwing Twitter account (3,000+ followers)

Instagram (400+ followers)

YouTube (12 subscribers)

Social media promotion

How do people find out about swing dancing events apart from flyers and word of mouth? Simply through social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the largest social networking websites. Swing dancers usually have a lot of friends who are also swing dancers. When a person clicks on "going to this event", their friends see that on their walls and might get interested as well (it appears on their walls in most cases anyway). This can have a snowball effect. This is exactly how you probably found this page, right?

I will be sharing the event on all my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc ...). I will put your event's image as my cover photo on Facebook.


When I don't dance, I run internet marketing agency. I have been doing internet marketing for the past decade. Why is this important? Because traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it used to. Within the past 10 years, I have learned (and still learning) about various online marketing strategies. I strongly believe that even swing dancing festivals can benefit from internet marketing. Or, perhaps, you run another business that needs some marketing help? I am certain that I can help. If you take the whole promotional package, we can discuss internet marketing for free (whether it's related to your festival or other business).

Things we can discuss

  • Blogging
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click marketing)
  • List building (email marketing and how to benefit from it)
  • Social Media Markerting (Facebook fanpages, marketing, etc ...)
  • Video marketing (vlogging, YouTube, etc ...)
  • Others (you may have questions that I might have answers to)


You might end up saving a few pennies by hiring me as a DJ (in case you pay all of your DJs). I will DJ for free if you take this package. To find out more about my DJing, click here.

Why should you hire me?

Despite from offering this amazing deal (for my consulting services, I charge at least £97/hour and you get 2-3+ hours), you might not know me (yet), and wonder why the hell you should hire me. Here's why:

  • Born in 1989 (27 years old as of writing this)
  • Running own marketing agency
  • Vast experience and knowledge of internet marketing (10 years)
  • Swing dancing enthusiast
  • Most of my business is outsourced, therefore, I have time (for travelling, etc ...) and resources (trusted and affordable people to do certain tasks professionally)
  • Most of the time online (can be reached via email, Facebook, etc ... and I will respond fast (as fast as 1 hour, depending on what hour I get your messages)
  • You get my support and advice (even if you do not hire me to do anything for you)

So, how much does it cost, Don?

Depending on where your festival is located, the price starts from 400 EUR + free entry to the festival (either full pass or socials only as there is a chance that I might not take the classes as I might be doing sight-seeing instead).

Do you think that 400 Euros is a lot of money? Imagine you charge 150 Euros per participant, you need only 3 participants to cover 400 Euros. Assuming that you contact me 3-4 months before your event and send me your flyers, I should be able to distribute your flyers to 6-10 festivals (or more). I am certain that there will be more than 3 people interested in buying a ticket to your event. I will also share your Facebook event on my personal and fanpage walls for extra exposure (it works).

If your event is based in the UK, 400 EUR should be enough (as I am based in the UK). If your event is within European boundaries, then 400-500 EUR should be enough (I just want get enough for my travels, accommodation, etc ...). If it's outside Europe, it will depend on where, how much travelling and accommodation cost, my availability (although, we can work something out even without my presense at your event (no blogging or vlogging, though)).

Money accepted via PayPal or bank transfer.

If you wish to proceed, you can contact me herefind me on Facebook or email me at

Happy swinging!

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