Last Week Of Charleston And Birthday Jam At SavoyHop

Hi there,

Another Monday’s out (yeah, technically it’s Tuesday where I’m at). If you read my last post about Fidgety Feet and thought it was long, you may wanna read this post tomorrow (Tuesday or Wednesday??). I will update with the word count at the bottom of this post.

OK, it took me a while to come up with the title as there are too many highlights of the day. First of all, I noticed that my blog is getting noticed and people are actually reading it. I will talk about references, so bear with me a minute (or second, depending on how fast you read this post lol) as I go through references as I keep writing … lol.

Anyway, enough about not so related stuff. First, as always, rants of the day πŸ™ Hmm, none lol. I had a good nap at university and then good couple hours at home, worked hard (or hardly worked, depending on how you look at things) but managed to get my stuff done and then some more and then went off to Savoy Hop to get a blast. Pretty much like every Monday night for me lol. Nice.

OK, first, I have to apologise for not blogging yesterday but the problem is university ( I need to blame someone … or something right?). I get up at 6:30 AM on Monday morning and if I go for a swing night out with Swing Patrol, I get home at around 00:00, need to take a shower, eat and what not and I bed at around 2 AM. I know I sleep at uni which is not that bad but I don’t like driving while I’m half asleep … tried once, was horrible … (no, that was horrible joke OK? πŸ˜€ ).

So yes, I danced for 5 hours yesterday. I went to this 3 hour workshop called Jump Start Your Swing. I am not going to talk much about it, it was more like a lecture about musicality and how to get musical (or rather creative?) with your dance as there are songs with breaks and stuff. We danced a bit. We also went through the structure of the music (AABA, 12 bar blues, etc …). I am not going to get into this as these would be probably separate blog posts. It was good, it just really confused my dancing now but once I get around it, I will be musical and what not (hopefully πŸ™‚ ) :). I am just dancing!

Then I went to Red Rhythm. I have to say that it was not as good I thought it would be even though I was there twice before. This was my third (and last?) time. I am sorry but it was too hot (yes, you were right!), too crowded and the floor was uneven making it easy to trip over πŸ™ They also got poor selection of beers … no Corona with a slice of lime … πŸ™ Or Sol … or Budweiser … or Foster’s … πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Anyway, where do I start about today’s classes? Ah, yes, I came in early, like 10-15 minutes before the jazz class started (as always, don’t think I ever was late at Savoy Hop …). Had a chat (surprisingly, I did!), etc … then we had donations for raffle tickets. It was quite a queue there! After my turn came to donate (don’t get me wrong here, it was optional), I took 5 Β£1 coins out of my pocket, threw into the jar and said “I don’t gamble” (reference). Lol.

Reference – before we started the class, teacher asked us to buy raffle tickets or just donate if we don’t gamble. It had to be from my last blog post where I mentioned that I didn’t buy tickets as I don’t gamble. Nice!

We applauded the winners of Fidgety Feet’s Jack And Jill competition again (blushing, blushing πŸ˜€ ).

OK, the jazz class started. We learned kick crosses (I think) and then variation where we kick with the right leg to the left (front), right (back), left (front), pump and down to the right (back) and repeat with the other leg. We also had arms moving to the opposite direction. Then we had this short routine, the same ninja style (reference 2) we learned last week and then instead of jump Charleston, we added what we learned today. Anyway, it was great warm up with hardcore Charleston for the second class!

Reference 2 – last Monday’s (or technically, Tuesday’s) blog post was called Jazz Ninja Style (or something) and teacher mentioned ninja style or something along these lines (or technically, words πŸ˜€ ).

Anyway, had a break, chat and all … (yeah, adding chat to my breaks is fun thing to do really! Nice.

Second class started. We had this Ruveida as always, completely different this time. We had 6 count send out, Texas Tommy, 6 count bypass (from right 2 right to left 2 right), 4 count bypass (so you planned this long time ago … really? :D, nah we cool!), the last 8 count bit where we pass the follower onto the next leader and repeat. It was hard to get used to it BUT WE ALL DID IT!

Then we learned some cool Charleston stuff. The new entry, I don’t really know the name of it but it is sort of tuck turn or rather tuck spin? So instead of letting followers to fully spin clockwise direction we make them spin anti-clockwise direction (hard to explain) and then we (leads) swap hands and get into Tandem Charleston.

Then we learned the very cool variation. Adding skip ups to basic Tandem Charleston is easy and makes it look cool. In order to exit that variation (or rather the Tandem Charleston), we make this lock spin instead of last skip up and make followers spin and we nicely end up doing kick crosses (I am not going to mention the inappropriate bit of this move, it was an inner joke lol).

Oh yeah, I was on the spotlight tonight during the class to show how it’s done! Failed … πŸ˜€ We all came here to learn right?

That sums up the second class.

OK, I’m not really finished yet. The social bit was excellent. The biggest highlight of tonight was …


Well, they forced me to dance and since I am dancer, I could not refuse a dance or leave in the middle of it lol. Also this blog was mentioned (not by me), will see how it affects the traffic hahaha.

Birthday Jam was great, I showed off the crazy legs and what not, did some swing outs, breaks, lindy turns, Texas Tommy (many), had many followers stealing me … lol … I hope I didn’t put my fish lips facial variation (instead of smile lol).

We also drew the raffle tickets but I did not win anything (figures).

I also learned something new in the socials. I asked about this awesome hand to hand kick crosses exit I saw someone performed (you know who you are and I know you are reading this blog! Thank you! See you tomorrow (or rather today?)).

I really enjoyed dancing today and I even fell in love with Charleston once again! It’s good to mix Charleston and Lindy hop sometimes …

Anyway, is this really last of the Charleston! I doubt it! I heard (insider knowledge, no, just joking) that we are going to start learning squat Charleston next month. Nice!

OK, I still got 5~ hours of sleep before I get up for uni and I cannot sleep tomorrow at uni as teacher sees everything … I’ll manage somehow.

Oh wait, this post is longest so far – 1,250+ words! NICE!

See you tomorrow!

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Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

CEO & Founder at Don Markets Limited
Hello, internet marketing (blogging) and swing dancing are two of my biggest passions. Combining them both was a good idea to spread the word about awesomeness of swing dancing. For more information about me, please check the "about" section of this blog.
Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

Hello, internet marketing (blogging) and swing dancing are two of my biggest passions. Combining them both was a good idea to spread the word about awesomeness of swing dancing. For more information about me, please check the "about" section of this blog.

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