Fidgety Feet: Dosh For Breast And Prostate Cancer


Just got back from Fidgety Feet (FF). There were a few friends missing … too bad, it was the BEST FF I ever HAD! I loved the first one as it was themed (Great Gatsby theme). I had a chance to be a gangster … now that suit is too big for me πŸ™ Then we had back to school theme back in September. It was quite good as I could dance better than I could dance at Great Gatsby Fidgety Feet. This one was a BLAST! Anyway, if you are still reading this post, chances are that you are quite interested to read more about it or you were there with me. Good! Take a cup of tea or coffee before you start reading it. It’s going to be quite lengthy one … probably the longest post on this blog … (so far) … or you can leave it for tomorrow (just don’t forget it!).

Anyway, there were dozens of highlights, I don’t even know where to begin … as always, rants of the day? Yes.

So, the first task for me today was to rehydrate … yeah, had a bit more cocktails than I expected but I am fine now … (well, way before Fidgety Feet πŸ˜€ ).

Then we were supposed to busk (sort of …) in Hatfield town centre. Well, we were supposed to social dance on the scene or do some other swing dancing stuff but we ended up being 4 of us so it wasn’t that good πŸ™ I handed over 3 flyers πŸ™‚

Anyway, enough about the rants, you wanna hear what happened at Fidgety Feet right?


So yeah, it was GREAT! I don’t know where to begin …

OK, let’s start with the class we had. It was shag class (I think?). Was HARD! After I got the basic footwork working for me, we started learning some other cool moves which sort of … destroyed my footwork πŸ™ It’s pretty much like Balboa … I am not a fan of it, I do prefer swing dancing and Charleston. However, if there were 2 classes at the same time where they were teaching lindy hop for beginners in one class and shag in another, I would go with the shag class as I want to learn new stuff while I’m in classes!

Anyway, after class we had about one hour of social dancing which was amazing. I had a few Charleston dances where I actually performed Tandem Charleston chase variation entry! And then butterfly variation! Also, the floor was great so I could easily do slides which I did but it requires counting massively which I dislike … I make extra moves when I’m not counting … (while sliding and stuff …).

Then we had a jam … or something. There were people making a circle and then around 5~ couples (me including πŸ™ ) were solo dancing. Yes, I solo swing danced while 30 people were watching me … I hope I was not making fish lips facial variation lol. It was good though … they were filming it for ads or something, will let you know if, when and where I pop in that video ad (or is it ad video??).

Anyway, then, we had a few more dances before Jack and Jill competition. There is a HUGE highlight in there so keep reading …

For those who don’t know what Jack and Jill is, it’s basically many couples social dance in first round, then they randomly change partners and dance some more and then judges select 3-5 best couples for the finals. Then we all have a break for couple of songs or so and then couples dance on the spotlight. That is, one couple starts and dances for like 8 eights most of the time and then after that, another couple solo dances, etc … and they stop after all couples dance 3 times … then we all have another, a bit longer break and then results are there.

Well, you know me, you probably think I managed to get into top 5 … well, NO πŸ™ I was kicked out in the first round … better luck next time I guess … πŸ˜€

OK, I didn’t win or get in TOP X but …


Yeah, if you know me in real life then you know exactly who I am talking about! Yeah, I promised not to out anyone here but I got her consent! You can ask her if you like πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

Anyway, she won 1st place! I have to congratulate her partner as well. If you are reading this blog (I think you are?), then weldone! Thanks for leading my sister so well. If I ever need to follow, I will ask her for following tips! I also want to congratulate everyone who made it in TOP 4.

We also had a raffle game. Prizes were like 8 tickets to socials like red rhythm, swing pit, etc… sorry I did not buy any tickets, I don’t gamble … but yeah, my sister won again?? WTF ?? πŸ˜€

So yeah, today I enjoyed it very much so … I had like 20+ dances, did lots of sliding (well, at least I tried), even more stomping off and I had a chance to recap on hip-dip-water (or whatever that move is called, might need to elaborate on this a little longer … and later). I also had a chance to compete against pros!! I’d say, day went very well, now tomorrow I got a workshop and red rhythm. Great start to another 4 days of dancing marathon πŸ™‚

P.S. This post is like 900+ words long, I just wish I could write essays this fast and this long … lol

See you tomorrow.

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Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

CEO & Founder at Don Markets Limited
Hello, internet marketing (blogging) and swing dancing are two of my biggest passions. Combining them both was a good idea to spread the word about awesomeness of swing dancing. For more information about me, please check the "about" section of this blog.
Don Mazonas

Don Mazonas

Hello, internet marketing (blogging) and swing dancing are two of my biggest passions. Combining them both was a good idea to spread the word about awesomeness of swing dancing. For more information about me, please check the "about" section of this blog.

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